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Made a script menu that gets Positions for trader AI, objects, directions and even has the loot tool built in. All the actions copies the action to clipboard and displays it in the top right corner aswell. Just make a simple mission on your map, create an init.sqf and put execvm "coft.sqf";  in it. Finally save this code below as coft.sqf and place in that mission folder. enjoy.

//thanks mum
removeallactions player;
[] spawn {
	[] spawn {sleep 0.1; hint "Welcome to Cofts locations menu"};
call coft;
coft = {
removeallactions player;
sleep 0.1;
player addAction ["<t color=""#5F0B42"">Menu</t>", Menu];
Menu = {
removeallactions player;
sleep 0.1;
player addAction ["<t color=""#AC6300"">Trader Position</t>", data];
player addAction ["<t color=""#63A000"">loot Position</t>", loot];
player addAction ["<t color=""#f02525"">Direction</t>", dir];
player addAction ["<t color=""#42BFF4"">Player position</t>", playerpos];
player addAction ["<t color=""#9B0B43"">Building Classname</t>", building];
playerpos= {
_myPos = position player;
_textPos = format ["%1", _myPos];
hint _textPos;
copyToClipboard _textPos;
systemChat "Copied";
loot = {
_position = getPosATL player;
_lootSpot = "Sign_Sphere25cm_F" createVehicle _position;
_lootSpot setPosATL _position;
_lootSpot enableSimulation false;		
systemChat "Copied";
_dump = "";
_crlf = toString [13, 10]; 
	    _spot = _x;	
		_building = (nearestObject [_spot, "House"]);
		_position = _building worldToModel (getPosATL _spot);
		_dump = _dump + (typeOf _building) + " " + format["{%1, %2, %3},", _position select 0, _position select 1, _position select 2] + _crlf;
forEach allMissionObjects "Sign_Sphere25cm_F";
copyToClipboard _dump;
hint _dump;
data = {
_position = getPosATL player;
_lootSpot = "Sign_Arrow_Large_Green_F" createVehicle _position;
_lootSpot setPosATL _position;
_lootSpot enableSimulation false;	
_data = format ["%1 %2", [getposatl player,getdir player]];
hint _data;
copyToClipboard _data;
systemChat "Copied";
dir = {
_direc = format ["%1", getdir player];
hint _direc;
copyToClipboard _direc;
building = {
hint str(typeOf cursortarget); copyToClipboard str(typeOf cursortarget);

credits to those of the original loot pos tool aswell.

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