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Since ive set up my server and configured it ive never had my server constantly appearing on the A3 Launcher or some website that check what servers are online.

My server IP:

I can however always see my server with the following link:

When i do the check with  it sometimes shows up and sometimes does not - this is also the same for

Now i use the standard 2302 port for my server so the query port is 2303.

I host a dedicated server behind NAT with all port forwarding set up correctly as far as i can see and the firewall set up and working fine. People can even see it on the multiplayer list within arma3. I have also enabled Edge traversal in my firewall.

I believe ive set up the startup parameters correctly being only ryan zombies and exile mod parameters under the -mod and the rest under servermod.

It not as if its just a blanket no one can access the server or ever see it, but more its just random when it decides it wont show up and respond to certain quieries but still allows people to connect to it.

Anyone had this problem and know how to resolve it?


Thanks in advance.



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