Broke your server?? Here's how to fix it.

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Step one: Acceptance

Ok, so...I have seen thousands of times....."My server is broken" or "your code broke my server"

Or, "Help server not working"

None of these tell anyone anything other then you have a problem. Ok this is good, admitting you have a problem is always the first step. So now what? Well, instead of always running to the forums for help lets learn how to troubleshoot your problems yourself. Your server actually tells you (for the most part) what's wrong with it..... Amazing right?


Where is this magical file??

These files are called ".RPT's", "RPT is short for "REPORT", and these are the files that Arma uses to log info.

Lets look at two different RPT file types.



When it comes to Exile, more often than not this is where you're going to find your problems.They may not be named server.rpt, they are usually named by date or similar. Use date modified to figure out which file is the newest. If there are just too many files, delete them all while your server is off, and restart it.

These are normally located on your server in a folder somewhere.  If you have a hosted server then good luck....hosts like to be jerks and hide them.

Vilayer - Look in the folder called "Vilayer_Active_Server". Also you should have access to a "LogViewer" and a "WebConsole" through your panel. (i'd suggest just grabbing the one off of your FTP)

Survival Servers - Go to your FTP and open the folder called "Admin"



These are also named weird btw. This means they will be located on your client, aka your computer. You can also find a crash log in here, incase you're wondering why your game is always crashing

In Win8 the files are located at:



 So how do I fix my error now that I found it?

Well, this is the part where "Copy/Paste Scripting" is useless.. sorry guys. Just paying for a server and doing a "copy/paste" script job doesn't always cut it.

Lol, ok so how do you get help when you don't know how to fix it? Well, you just did a lot of the work.. now you can go to the forums and make an educated post about your problem. Open that Client or Server .RPT and find the error, (usually says "Error" at the beginning ;) ) and paste that area. If you're not sure what all to paste then grab 5 lines above your error and 5 lines below it so that you grab a good portion of it.

Got a lot of errors, TSK TSK, time to do some clean up....Post them all in a thread asking for help....Someone out there is nice enough to read through it and sit down to help you. I am,......when I have time.... 

Honestly, if you're not showing people your RPT along with whatever script is messing up then you're not going to get very far. But hopefully this helped you guys out enough that you wont need to run to the forums for every problem. Maybe you just forgot a coma, or added one where it didn't belong.


Also, be aware that mistakes you made in code ran via the debug console will also be logged in the RPT files, so you may have false positives from that.


Heres a small example:

Error in expression >[] execVM "addons\markers\playerMarkers,sqf";

File mpmissions\ __CUR_MP.Altis\init.sqf, line 12

It shows the file location, and then the specific error and error file location. ( The line isn't always right...can sometimes be off especially when comas are involved.

Pass your knowledge a long

If you see a post where someone is not giving any information about their problem and they just seem completely lost....Direct them to this post. It might help them a lot.



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no problem, I started out as a copy paste host and I still am to a small degree (we all are when we see something cool on the forums) but this is to help everyone that doesn't know how to even begin helping themselves.

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