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Infstar Not Working

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You would need 2 different versions for exile and life.
The exile version of infistar is only for exile. There is another Arma 3 version for other mods.

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Unfortunately I can't look up your email on the board here so I can't tell what version you have but just make sure it is the latest.

Please rename the topic of this post to something more clear as "infiSTAR not working" is simply wrong and some people might understand it wrong.

let us know your

  • startup parameters for the server (-ServerMod and so on..)
  • server rpt file (complete file, not just a part of it)
  • client rpt file from you when you could not connect/had that error
  • infiSTAR Log files
  • mpmission file
  • gameserver provider (if it is not your own dedi box - if it is your box, tell me)

if it is not working there is an issue/a mistake made during the setup of your server that we need to find

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