Collective list of 1.54 temp fixes till Exile 0.9.36 [UPDATED]

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So there is many of you all having the same issues, I've posted them over and over so here is a collective list of those fixes, these are for 1.54 ArmA and Exile 0.9.36 only! If you have a modded server (addition @mods folders that add uniforms or units) you cannot use version 1.54 as there is incompatibilities with the new hitpoint system and current versions of addons, you will have to simple downgrade your server and force clients to downgrade their games too.

NOTE: All fixes listed below are for server owners only! There is currently no fixes that players themselves can do to fix any issues they will be coming across.

Disable new stamina system:
Override ExileClient_object_player_respawn.sqf and ExileClient_object_player_spawn.sqf

To do this follow this (If you don't know how to use CfgExileClientCode).

EDIT: It seems people are struggling to understand what i mean when I say
'just pull the files from exile_client\code\' so to clear it up for you all I mean go to your ArmA 3 Folder, go to @Exile\Addons folder, unpack the exile_client.pbo (you should all know how to unpack a pbo by now :P) inside there you will find the 'exile_client\code\' folder I speak of, if thats still confusing you HERE is a youtube video I just made!.

Exile has a config class in the config.cpp in your mission files, its called class CfgExileCustomCode, just pull the files from exile_client\code\ and put them somewhere in your mission (create a folder called code for example), go into the config.cpp and look for class CfgExileCustomCode and put the 2 override lines in there like this.

class CfgExileCustomCode 
	ExileClient_object_player_respawn = "code\ExileClient_object_player_respawn.sqf";
	ExileClient_object_player_spawn = "code\ExileClient_object_player_spawn.sqf";

In those files add - Props to @infiSTAR for the better solution.

_code = {
	player allowSprint true;
	player enableStamina false;
	player setCustomAimCoef 0.15;
ExileNoSwayThreadHandle = [10, _code, [], true] call ExileClient_system_thread_addtask;


player enableFatigue false;

That'll fix the sprint and sway related issues :)

NOTE: There was an issue with the new weight system that caused characters to run slowly even with enableStamina false. This has already been pushed to BI and is fixed in the latest RC.

Fix for server side config error:

Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgDifficulties/ExileRegular/Flags.StaminaBar'.

This error will cause your server to not boot till you click okay, you can't fix this if you don't have access to upload custom mods or a dedicated server (sorry to those of you with GSP hosts).

On your server in @Exile, unpack the exile_client.pbo and delete the config.bin and create a config.cpp and paste this in there http://puu.sh/lFSUG/204067abc0.txt, repack the exile_client into a pbo and fire up your server :)

A simpler to apply fix for this, credits to @Janski.

Put this file in @ExileServer\Addons\  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2LrTHmcHUA6TDl4aWM1WXpyX1E/view?usp=sharing
Just remember on release of Exile 0.9.36 you will need to delete this file!

I'd recommend using the first option if you're forgetful type although you do need to know how to pack and unpack a PBO :P

Addtional tips!

ANY custom units or uniform packs should be temporarily disabled or you should rollback to 1.52, the reasons behind this are that whilst the mods "will run" on 1.54 they won't be working correctly, any custom uniform or unit/character pack will simply be broken and the units/units wearing the clothing will be incredibly OP and won't take damage effectively, this cannot be fixed by us (the community) and will require the mod authors to update the various addons, TRYK, RyanZombies etc are examples of these addons.

The reason for this is as follows, hitpoints (the points in which the game engine interprets "bullet collisions") are setup as "dots" if you like inside the model, 
HERE is a example of I believe the old system (credits to breaking point for the image source), I don't know what exactly has been changed in the newer versions but the units, clothing etc from current (pre 1.54) mods will be using this older system, if they upped hitpoint count then players wearing vanilla uniform etc will die a lot easier than those wearing the older clothing, so whiles the mods will "work" players will simply just may have to shoot other players/AI units in the right place to kill them but this would not be the case 100% of the time in-action and will likely result in inaccurately shooting a part of the unit where the hitpoints aren't setup via the new method.

If you still wish to run custom units/clothing and but are suffering "out of memory" errors after a period of time, the only way to resolve this is by removing it from the server till xx mod pack has been updated, if the time it happens is guaranteed and is after an hour or 2 try cutting restart times down to before the crash would "usually" happen.

If there are any other issues you have and can provide fixes then I will update this post with the solution and leave credits to you! Don't forget to hit the 'like this' button if I have helped you out!.

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Much easier fix for the  Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgDifficulties/ExileRegular/Flags.StaminaBar'.

Putthis file in ur @ExileServer\Addons  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2LrTHmcHUA6TDl4aWM1WXpyX1E/view?usp=sharing

credit to the guy who did it , not me.. I forget your name good sir.

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Okey so we have been running 35+ players on our server now for the last hour and haven't seen any ryanzombies related issues so I'll share my fix for it within an addon. This addon needs to be enabled on all clients and the server if you want your players to take part of the fix aswell. 


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16 hours ago, Skooterz said:

I have fixed most of my issues but the one I am still trying to fix is my headless client. After it connects it gets kicked. Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it.

Make sure your headless client Arma 3 is up to date as well. And make sure you put all required server keys in the keys folder.

16 hours ago, ThrottleFox said:

I did all this, and my server is stuck on creating I think, was working ok before I went to bed, has a3axi and dms. I tried both the "disable new stamina system" and the quick fix provided by IWillNeverEverUseAdsInName still being super new to all this, I'm lost of what I should do other then wait


EDIT: Looks like A3AXI was having a fit over something, removed it and server loaded just fine,

I had this same issue. Using the modified PBO instead of modifying the exile_client pbo worked for me.  The alternative fix in the original instructions is what worked. I am in my server and I see all the little AI running around. Hope that helps.


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