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If you have 100 players on a server, do you really want the extra AI?

I think the idea is to add AI on a server (roaming,vehicle patrols and missions) mostly on less crouded servers. Players do get bored easily when there is not much PVP going on, on servers less than about 25  players.

In such a case, I would love to see a group of AI spawning, lets say about 1.5 clicks away from a group (Clan) base. Set the AI to bassically attack the bases randomly, like a full pvp attack on the base. Most of the smaller servers do lack the pvp required not to get bored. I set my server with good AI (mostly roaming and vehicle patrols) and that keeps the players busy and we do get the pvp occasionally.  That will trengthen the idea of basebuilding.

To get large amount of players on servers running in Africa is a bit difficult.


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