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The answer for your problem is located in this thread made recently after the sudden apparition of ARMA 3 update 1.54.

Quoting @KamikazeXeX:

Fix for server side config error:
Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgDifficulties/ExileRegular/Flags.StaminaBar'.

This error will cause your server to not boot till you click okay, you can't fix this if you don't have access to upload custom mods or a dedicated server (sorry to those of you with GSP hosts).

On your server in @Exile, unpack the exile_client.pbo and delete the config.bin and create a config.cpp and paste this in there http://puu.sh/lFSUG/204067abc0.txt, repack the exile_client into a pbo and fire up your server :)

An alternate fix for this is this, credits to Janski, just remember on release of Exile 0.9.36 you will need to delete this file

Put this file in @ExileServer\Addons\  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2LrTHmcHUA6TDl4aWM1WXpyX1E/view?usp=sharing

I'd recommend using the first option if you're forgetful type although you do need to know how to pack and unpack a PBO :P

I've put a part of the thread to save you some time.

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