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I need help.

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I have been trying to get Zombies into my Exile server that I have rented from Vilayer.  I'm a busy fella and get only a few hours a night to do anything in peace.  But, for the past week I have been searching, reading, watching videos, and downloading files from different places thinking it might be a corrupt file.  I'm sure I'm missing something and Vilayer has sent me the same link twice which isn't the proper directions from my past experience with ARMA 2.  but, I tried anyway and just as I though..... it didn't work.  

I could really used some help from anyone who has done this on a Vilayer server before.  I can even donate to a cause of your choice ;)



Exile Error.jpg

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When you download the RyanZombies mod and you unzip it you'll see 3 folders. "@Ryanzombies", "mpmissions" and "screenshots". There will be a file called "RyanD.bikey" inside the "@Ryanzombies\keys\" folder. Copy that file to the "keys" folder at the root of your server.

This will allow your server and clients to use the RyanZombies mod.

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