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If you’re looking for a good mature group of players for Arma 3 (and pretty much any other game you can think of) you came to the right place. Ethix Gaming is a 18+ gaming community, proud of the no hacking/toxic behaviour (towards inside and outside gamers).


- 18+


- 50+ Nations


- 1900+ members (About 40 that activly play arma)


- Casual and Competitive


Arma 3 Gamemodes:


·         Wasteland


·         King of the Hill


·         Breaking Point


·         Exile


·         Epoch


·         Battle Royale


·         Mil-sim (growing unit)


·         Arma 2: Epoch/Overpoch/DayZ


Other Main Games:


·         CoD


·         H1Z1


·         DayZ


·         LoL


·         Rocket League


·         Dirty Bomb


·         CS:GO


·         ARK: Survival Evolved




In case you want to hop in and meet us and game with us hop in our Teamspeak!


Any questions regarding anything including application and/or teamspeak guest passes PM me.


Thank you for your time and consideration.




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