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Nexja [D Black]

Visual Bug with Optics at Night


My friends and I have experienced a visual bug that makes it somewhat more difficult to see and aim at night-time, possibly caused by Exile's post-processing effects. I wanted to make a report as soon as possible in hopes that this will be addressed in the next update, it's been bothering me for quite a few days and I've been meaning to do so. I don't think this is an isolated issue caused by mods other than Exile. Though we play on a modded server, myself and several friends (as I mentioned before) have noticed this on both vanilla ARMA, RHS, and CUP weapons. 

So far, we've noticed this when aiming with the RCO and ARCO. I'm not sure if other optics are effected. This bugged visual effect is able to be reproduced on every occasion.

Thank you for your time. Hopefully this helps move development along in at least a small amount and hopefully this gets resolved soon! I'm also hoping I posted this in the right place. :)



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