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Download + Server Info [RC5 now!]

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Update 8th December: These are now the RC5 files!

These files are meant to be used in our release candidate testing only! You cannot play with them on live servers!

Download from server #1

Test Server:
Port: 2302 
Password: boogieboogie


Report Bugs here:

RC1 to RC2 changelog:

  • Re-made ALL BattlEye filters... ugh
  • You can now access the gear of tied up people and basically steal of all their gear.
  • You can now move your head while being tied up.
  • Tied up people can now be road killed.
  • Tied up people cannot adjust their stance anymore to break free.
  • It now shows a message that you do not have the required tools if you want to release someone.
  • PIN code related messages now show **** when stream friendly UI is enabled.
  • 3D party markers now function properly when a party member is not in the ground
  • "Handcuff-Loggers" are now killed properly and don't respawn where they have been
  • Sending money to players that have disconnected in the meantime does not show "Sent money to: Object not found" anymore
  • Lowered the mass of instant coffee and bandages as they were too heavy
  • Took away SPMG/Navid from the game completely. Server owners can put them back in, but they are overpowered in our opinion.
  • Changed the way vehicles spawn in general. Arma blows them up too often. Please test!
  • You now lose respect when you tie someone up, but gain some respect if you release them again
  • Adjusted some prices of vests and backpacks, as they didn't reflect their quality
  • Changed "Scan Bar Code" action on dead bodies to "Identify Body". This will display the name of the player corpse for you.
  • Loot will now spawn without a minimum distance / visual threshold. That means you don't have to be 15m away from a building anymore to have it spawn some loot. Also, this also means loot can spawn right below your feet. This improves loot spawning in the "single house in the wild" scenario.
  • Added three more crafties recipes to empty plastic bottles (dirty/salty) and fuel canisters. Thank you for the idea!
  • Changed armor values of Ifrit (150), Hunter (200) and Strider (250)
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