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Your favorite mods and scripts for Exile

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We wanted to play Coop-PvE without any kind of "monsters" like Zombies or similiar fantasy enemies on our server, because we wanted to keep it kind of real, but with enough action.

So we had on our server A3XAI, DMS Missions, ETG Helicoptercrash/Airdrop Missions, IgiLoad, R3F Logistics, CRE4MPIES Statusbar, Welcome Credits, Map Marker, think thats it. Tried things like @Mass and @Cup, but for me as a noob they caused too many problems... :(

Which scripts and mods do/did you use for Exile and which ones do you want to use after the Exile update?

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We use almost the same as you've posted above except for lgiload and RF3.

We also use CUP and HLC weapon packs and as optional client side mods we allow CBA, Blastcore, Blastcore Tracers, Blastcore Skies, Blood Mist and JSRS.

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