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Looking for clan of a**holes

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After the recent update and finally getting my server back up and running ( I just seen Lime is coming on Thursday..Woop!) Players are steadily coming back.

But after remembering who is who and what kind of players I have on my server I have came to the conclusion.

*Everyone is either friendly or will help in some way*

So I may not be in the right section to post this and will probably be moved. 


Is there any clans out there left who like to fight and don't mind dying?

Is there any clans who spend days preparing for raids on bases?

Now don't get me wrong I have a clan who like to do this but they are up against nobody.

So if your out there and want a challenge then come join my server on: 

PARA-UK| Zeus | 15K start | AI Mission | High loot | RPGs&Tanks

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Eh this sounds too close to a server advertisement. IF people want to team up with you then you can have them PM you for where to play rather then it showing in the OP. Can you remove it? Thanks

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