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I was wondering if anyone knew how to get the ruined versions of buildings from Arma 3 in the editor using m3editor. For example, land_cargo_tower_v2_ruins_f is the destroyed version of one of those tall military towers but in m3editor, if I go to the "Ruins" category, there are no models that even begin with "Land".

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Im almost certain the ruined buildings are there. You just have to find them, they may reside in categories that arent in ruins.

For instance, there is definitely a ruined solar tower that I have used, and I recal seeing all the ruined A3 buildings along the lines. Just search through all the categories thoroughly.

If I am wrong however, you could destroy the building on server init ;)

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I'm assuming you want them so you can get some loot positions for them, if that is the case, then you should be able to use ibuild to access all of the structures in a3 to pop them down in editor.

another way to do it is to make a temp @folder, an addons folder inside that @folder, then moved the structures you want access too into the @folder/addons then load it like a local addon, should be able to access the structures in editor.

edit: whoops I meant htune objects not ibuild. heres a link

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