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In config.cpp in exile_server_config, there is the lootSettings class, that allows the admin to define parameters relating to how often and how much loot spawns. Is there any way that these parameters can be configured per building type, like the loot tables are? 

For example, I have my server setup for "low loot" for a more survival type gameplay. In my loot tables, I have guns almost nonexistant in residential areas, but more plentiful in military areas. BUT I have to keep the chances for ANY loot to spawn (class lootSettings) the same for both locations. This results in way more loot than I want in military areas if I want to keep residential loot from being more scarce. As a fix, I have to add "trash" loot to the military loot tables to take up more "slots" making guns more rare. 

I'd like to see it so that I could configure lootSettings in config.cpp, PER building type, much like it is in the loot tables. 


Thanks for your awesome mod guys! Keep up the good work! 

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