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Exilemod database data transfer script for new update

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Step 1: Download the Transfer Data script from:

Step 2: Make a NEW database with a new name, such as ExileLime.

Step 3: Download the NEW exile.sql from:

Step 4: Select the new database and run a sql query, the contents of the exile.sql file. So, open exile.sql, Control A, Control C, goto where ever you run sql querys and Control V, then run the query. If you get a error, you messed something up, start again.

Step 5: Open the db_migrate.php file you downloaded earlier, there are 5 lines you will need to edit in order for the script to work at the top of the page: 

$databaseIP = "";                              //DATABASE IP          
$databaseUsername = "root";                             //DATABASE USERNAME    
$databasePassword = "";                                 //DATABASE PASSWORD
$oldDatabaseName = "Exile";                             //CURRENT DATABASE NAME
$newdDatabaseName = "exilenew";       				//NEW DATABASE NAME

Step 6: Once you have applied your changes and have saved the file, move the db_migrate.php file to a webserver WITH PHP ENABLED! xampp servers usually have this by default.

Step 7: Goto the internet, and open the file in the internet. So, localhost/db_migrate.php

Step 8: Let the page load, it usually takes about 30 seconds to complete fully. Once loaded, you will have a list of text and possibly a list of numbers.

Successfully imported 11482 Records into Account!
There was No Data Found in the Clan table!
Successfully imported 9562 Records into Construction!
Successfully imported 807 Records into Container!
Successfully imported 4959 Records into Player!
Successfully imported 139 Records into Territory!
Successfully imported 470 Records into Vehicle!
96421, 102671, 107680, 109201, 96283, 96289, 96317, 96329, 96334, 96337, 96353, 96378, 96381, 96385, 96396, 96420, 96458, 96462, 96509, 96514, 96515, 96517, 96526, 96758, 96762, 96764, 96767, 96774, 96776, 96781, 96795, 96847, 96849, 96850, 96857, 96859, 96861, 96862, 96879, 96880, 96881, 96882, 96883
Successfully applied territory IDs to Constructions!
Successfully applied territory IDs to Containers!
Total Execution Time: 0.2959058324496 Mins

Note the text tells you how many records were successfully ported over to the new database, and the list of numbers are the IDs of constructions and containers NOT inside of a territory and will be deleted by exile cleanup script.


Paste any errors IF ANY, bellow and i will do my best to help you with them


Credit to second_coming for helping me with the territory IDs generator.

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True, but they modify the database structure its self, if there was a error for whatever reason could cause damage to the DB, mine just query's and inserts into new database, leaving the 2 separate not causing damage to the original. ;)

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