Improve Exile - A Wishlist (56 Suggestions & Ideas - and Growing!)

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Welcome to the longest post on the forum! Apologies for the long read in advance!

This thread has been developed as a combination of ideas and "ideal world" suggestions contributed by my own group of mates and those of this community. It's basically an index of some of the more relevant, plausible and balanced game enhancing ideas that have been submitted as feedback here on the forums. I do not expect for one moment to have everyone of these ideas incorporated into the game by the way, some of them are contradictory with other ideas on this list, they are purely an exploration of different ideas and directions the mod could develop along.  Please feel free to add your own ideas to the thread, or if you feel something wouldn't work tell us why and what you feel might be a better idea. I've broken the list down into categories and numbered them to make discussing them a bit easier to discuss.

Just before we get on with the list I'd like to thank the Exile devs on behalf of the community for their brilliant mod and all the hard work done so far! Even in it's current state, it is STILL by far the best A3 mod out there!


A1) Bury Bodies & Respect


Basically the ability to "bury" a player or NPC body with the use of the in-game shovel in exchange for a respect bonus would be nice. It adds enhanced PvP elements (deny other players the loot and preserving stealth). To prevent over-use or farming you would add counter balance it by making the burying have an animation that lasts around 30 seconds and leaves the player totally vulnerable once started.  Maybe add a little cross or temporary grave to buried players - not sure on that though.

Alternatively, for those of us who are a little less mentally stable, you could also have a "skin" body option, requiring the in game knife. This would also hide the body (maybe leaving entrails behind), but result in the player losing some respect but gaining some craftable and/or edible (!?!?!) body parts such as skins, bones and meat.


A2) Injury, Illness & Medical System


While I appreciate the simplistic medical system is great for PvP servers and eases frustrations, it is still a popular suggestion here on the forum that Exile is crying out for an expanded injury and medic system. ARMAs engine can do a lot more, as some mods have already shown us. The general feedback from the community is to incorporate elements from the ACE mod for different types of injury. 

While this appears to be just wishful thinking and something the devs aren't likely to do, it is something that we generally want to see improved in some way. Recent updates have added more variably levels or health regeneration, which some argue is in place with the pacing of the game, however it is yet another opportunity to showcase the mod and expand on elements that would increase tension and add to priorities/self preservation within the game. 

Either way,   variety of injuries and more ways to deal with these injuries would be a welcome addition. The instadoc, bandages and vishprin are great but do seem too simplistic and doesn't do the mod any justice. It's perceived too much as a basic health pack - a generic "fix all" medical system that doesn't add any kind of depth to the game at all. It is too simple and belongs in a standard First person Shooter. It doesn't fit the exciting combat simulations ARMA offers do and doesn't challenge players enough. 

We want to have to trade off and have lots of choices to make, for example - "Should I just pack my morphine and some extra bandages?"  "Do I take some antibiotics in case I get sick?" "Should I have painkillers? do i take a full emergency medical kit and sacrifice storage space?"

Meds could be made to be more effective but more expensive/rare and alternative "home" remedies could also be used that are cheaper or easier to obtain but less effective (taking more time to heal/regenerate). For example clothing rags that are craft-able from clothes to be used as bandages, drugs to act as painkillers , craftable or cookable food/stews  to treat illness

One way you could expand on meds is to have temporary relief and recovery solutions. Short term relief would allowing temporary suspension of health degenration and symptoms so players to get out of a fix and retreat for better medical attention - these would be things like pain killers, beta blockers, bandages, morphine  etc. stopping bleeding, panic attacks, pain (and the affects ont eh player such as shakey vision, inabiltiy to fight, slower walking etc). 
Longer term recovery would be perhaps tied to a base with more heavy duty medical equipment such as a make shift infirmary with beds, monitors, drug treatments, blood transfusions etc.


A3) AI & NPC Antagonists


I appreciate most server admins use a combination of DMS, A3XAI, Occupation and Ryans Zombies (among others) and this addresses this issue nicely, but the wide employment and development of these scripts only goes to reinforce the NEED for this to be addressed in some way by the base mod itself.  This is especially the case when you consider the possibilities of adding other NPC elements to the game (more further down).

At present vanilla Exile feels a little "empty" on the majority of servers. Encouraging and drawing on the PvP elements is brilliant and encouraging for the mod, however completely relying on endangers the community and alienates large amounts of players who play in smaller fragments or isolated pockets that cannot populate servers. 

It also doesn't help build the game's setting very well as an empty server doesn't currently portray the crime ridden Badlands and organised criminal/militia/bandit controlled territories that I feel this mod is trying to convey. 

It also doesn't accommodate players who aren't great at PvP or even fans of PvP. Having more PvE elements is not a bad thing, it just helps support the PvP even more.

I've spoken on numerous topics about this subject lately and firmly believe one of the biggest reasons people cry for zombies to be added (FrankieonPC's video aside!) is because it's current atmosphere suits zombies well. it suits it well because its barren, empty and post apocalyptic in it's feel. Large empty spaces should be made to feel more dangerous and more akin to the old wild west or the desolate and dangerous waste grounds of mad max. 

Don't get me wrong here - I DO NOT want to see zombies added to the base mod.  It is it's own mod and I love the back story and scenario. I want to see this mod go more down the path of organised crime, a criminal run civilization all about PvP, group power bases, territory control and accumulating wealth/gear/power on an isolated exile land!  Not to mention zombies are done to death and spoil the PvP action, so any AI antagonist needs to be less intrusive. 

There does needs to be some kind of constant danger presented other than players on all servers. A real threat, not just the challenges survival, a menacing danger that makes the player always wary of what is around the corner. Something that also re-enforces the NEED for shelter! 

Again I can already here people saying "Server owners can do this blah blah blah" but as I discuss further down in this section  - the more that comes out of the box with this mod the better! If server owners want their own AI systems fine, let them add it and configure the mods AI to be off. Standardising features is good though.

Having AI gangs, psychos, guards and associated missions, roaming AI (gangs/purge patrols/choppers) or strong holds with loot rewards will enhance this mod. 

I personally would like to see the odd wild animal thrown into the mix too but having roaming or dynamically spawning AI in areas across the map will really keep players on their toes and add to the game, filling that zombie gap for some too. 


A4) Radioactive Antagonist(s)


Just expanding on the above argument a little more - the radioactive zones are a nice introduction for the base mod but not used nearly enough by most servers. I saw a good suggestion of having some kind of radioactive antagonist threat, perhaps some kind of mutated monster, animals or group of deranged psychos (AI) that spawn in and around the radioactive zones to present a threat to players and add to the atmosphere.

A5) Missions, Quests, Objectives, Heists/Robberies etc.


As touched on in an earlier suggestion, to add to atmosphere it may be nice to see NPCs in trader cities (or non-combat areas  ares such gambling dens taverns or brothels) giving players missions, such as smuggling cargo, transporting NPCs or simple delivery based mission based - point A to B, without being killed or losing the "cargo". Rewards would be depending upon how dangerous the mission was. If a player is sabotaged by another player, they get the rewards for themselves (or the cargo).

Robbery/heist  missions are also popular in other A2/3 mods and could be triggered by NPCs in trader areas (or wherever). Bank and other similar robbery style missions, essentially just survival against waves of AI, included on custom servers running various Arma based mods and would love to see such a mission in-built into Exile and feel it is in keeping with the Exile theme. 

Perhaps players could rob dynamically spawning Mafia saloons/gambing houses/banks etc, holding off against corrupt guards, mafia enforces and skilled sharp shooters in escalating waves of attack. 


A6) Treasure Hunts/Orienteering


This is an expansion to the idea above, but to encourage PvP and give players more objectives.  It could work by having an event that spawns crates/clues around the map that give coordiantes to further clues that eventually lead to a cache  (weapons/money/loot/whatever!). The "clues" could be coordinates or cryptic clues designed to get players moving around the map in pursuit of loot, or to camp out the next clue!

A7) Personal Spawn Point(s)


Controversial! This is something that various people have suggested based on ARMA 2 and 3  mod servers implementing it. Not only does it provide a convenient personal spawn point that may help improve the PvP dynamic (by eliminating the tedious parts of re-spawning/gearing for established and prepared players), but it actually also adds a bit of longevity and improves base building by giving players another long-term objective and something else to earn money to eventually buy/craft.

Ultimately most players will want their own "bed/sleeping bag" or whatever the spawnpoint actually is in-game, for those occasions when they die and want to quickly re-gear. This in turn means there is more reason to build a secure base so that their  "beds" (or something similar) are protected. In fact they should only be placable within a Territory flag area.

Naturally these should be expensive to buy or require some rare/expensive materials to craft, but ultimately would give a player a spawn location at their base.

To counter-balance them, they should be destructible (by hostile players) and each player would be limited to just one per character and there should also be a "cool down" on how often it can be used. 

This would do away with some of the more tedious parts of the game without sacrificing any of the core game play elements. For me, this is more justified than a revive system as it compliments the PvP dynamics better as it encourages bases being used to store equiment (more reason to raid), strategic base positioning, prevents re-entry to random battles, encourages base building and give an advantage to having a base. 

A8) Spawn Cool-downs


Just something to extend the above idea a little and as highlighted really well in this Topic  by @ka3ra( ), having a spawn cool down period for certain spawns could be very useful and would even work well if the personal spawn system suggestions were added. Basically it would be a system that prevents players using the same spawn or spawns that were too close to the places they died in order to add a penalty to their death and reward players that kill them with extra time to loot their bodies. Its mostly a PvP feature. 

A9) Communal & Social Rewards 


A small addition but nice all the same. There could be some more social interaction aspects built into the game to affect Respect levels of characters. At present you only seem to gain or lose respect based on killing and trading - which is great, but there could be more depth given to this.

The first thing that springs to mind would be "sharing" a beer or a smoke (YES WE NEED SMOKES IN THE GAME TOO!) with clan mates or indeed any other players, could earn you small amounts of respect. 

It could be incorporated into all areas of the game, trading in illicit or drug related supplies could perhaps reduce respect (A lower or negative respect level perhaps being required to purchase the raw materials required for drug cultivation/trading too maybe?).

Collecting Bounties (yes, bounties need to be back on the development map!) would also amount in more respect. Doing missions, quests etc. (Ones that are part of the base mod if introduced!) would also increase respect. Maybe even reduce respect if done incorrectly or unsuccessfully.  

This would be a nice social touch for players to do in bases or at traders/designated bars etc. 


A10) Drug Cultivation & Collateral


Drugs (all forms, chemical, herbal, even tobacco and alcohol!) are essential to this mod. They need to be introduced and expanded on more. Drugs need to be able to be cultivated (herbal varieties) and created with raw materials (chemical varieties). These drugs can then be used for a variety of reasons including;

  •  Player bonuses. Maybe tied into a "soft skills" system, giving temporary perks when used. For example, using coke/amphetamines may give a small physical bonuses like improved aim, slight running speed increases, reduced pain (used with medical system improvements!). 
  •  Collateral. Instead of storing the limit of 30k poptabs in your safe, you could perhaps store a single KG of drugs in there... Also, some traders/players/missions may only deal in this collateral...
  •  Skills - it opens the door to more areas of soft skills and player development. 
  •  Base incentives - again herbal (farms) or chemical (labs) cultivation adds more reasons to create bases and "safe" areas that can be protected (or raided!) for the cultivation of these forms of collateral. 

A11) Use The Sea More


How about looking more towards the cool A3 feature of water and underwater physics?  A good chunk of the A3 maps is actually underwater and right now there isn't much need to go out to sea. 

As with the treasure trail mission, missions/caches could be placed dynamically under the sea, increasing the need for rebreathers/subs.  This has also been suggested here;

Longer term I'd like to see maybe a building module that allows for underwater building. Maybe even the introduction of Water based AI/Antagonists/Creatures - after all you have to ask why these prisoners put into Exile dont try to cross that sea!?  Maybe it's because of the AI patrol boats, maybe modern day pirates are out there on the seas waiting to plunder cons straying off shore? Or maybe, due to the fall out contamination (being introduced next patch?) there are dangerous (or even mutilated !?) man-eaters out there in the depths.....

A12) Character Leveling & Skills (soft skills)


Again, this is something that is very popular among the community and something the Devs are conscious of. Having character skills that are learned and earned could really add some cool elements to the game as well as giving more objectives and focus in game and rewarding players based on their in-game activities. 

These skills once obtained would generally unlock more features or abilities,  make certain actions in-game more effective or just speed the process up, making them less of a pain as they are developed. 

Last I heard, the devs weren't keen on going down the route of having specific career traits (e.g. engineers only good at fixing things, medic who is only good at healing etc) dedicated to characters, and who can blame them ? This approach would be too one dimensional and rigid.

Instead what I imagine would be more plausible would be a more open "tree" system of general skill branches that progress to unlock more features, skills, abilities and bonuses but may be required to obtain in a specific order.

All players could develop any of these branches over periods of time on a server, but possibly are next to impossible to master every single skill unless they put in incredible amounts of time.  This would put greater focus on communal groups and benefit those who decide to play as part of a clan/group, as you could have a broader range of skills. Conversely, individuals could really play to their advantage and specialise in certain aspects of the game an potentially earn money from it  - for example a player could master vehicle mechanics and charge groups money to fix their vehicles with their enhanced repair bonuses. Or a guy who puts the hours in to learn to fly bigger more complicated choppers could charge for his piloting services!

I envision skill learning and unlocks being triggered mainly through a combination of time spent doing certain practical aspects of the game (for example changing wheels X amount of times on vehicles, or the amount of bandages applied to other players) and "researching"  - this would largely be done through obtaining specific books in game and "reading" them, but could also potentially be done through NPC interaction or even character interaction (an unlockable social skill could be the ability to transfer skills through "tutoring"! for example).

The research ability could be done either through specific periods of time where a player is reading undisturbed - like how they repair a vehicle now, with anything interrupting the process. Or it could be done over a longer periods of time as a back-ground process, say for 60 minutes in-game allowing the player to do other things, except it could maybe be halted when the player is in combat. 

Some of the skill branches and their general rewards I've come up with are below;

 Communal skills 
 This would be a  social branch  that generally acts as a respect multiplier based on positive interactions. Eg.

Tier 1 "Interaction"  - Achieved after a player has joined a group and used the traders X amount of times. This could apply a 1% respect bonus on all positive respect interactions in game 
Tier 2 "Communication" -  Achieved by joining a clan and playing as part of the clan for X amount of days adding 2% respect multiplier on all respect interactions in game.
Tier 3 "Social" - Achieved by participating in clan related activities (base raids/defends, missions etc.) X amount of times unlocks a 3% respect amplifier
These tiers would increase and could branch off into their own sub branches

 Sociopathic Tendencies
 This would be a counter branch to the communal skills and generally players would go down one branch or another but not both. This would add negative respect bonuses (notoriety ?) . These bonuses would have various side affects in game that center around having a negative respect (maybe call this notoriety rating?)

Medical Skills 
This would be a meds branch. This could be slightly different to the above branch as it could come from a  mixture of doing things practically and taking time to obtain knowledge (through books and in-game time). This would unlock more complex abilities (such as allowing the revive!) and also makes meds more effective (diagnosing and treating meaning illness is cured, instadoc applies more health regen etc).

Tier 1 - "First aid" - Achieved when medicating yourself or other players with bandages X amount of times. Makes health regain of bandages 1% more effective.
Tier 2 - "Basic medicinal" - Achieved through short research and X amount of heals

Technical Skills 
A largely building and material crafting related skills branch where tiers and bonuses are achieved as well as certain skill (such as the ability to craft stair-cases) through practical and research.

Tier 1 - basic woodwork - achieved after crafting X amount of wooden planks, makes the ability to craft more wooden planks from less raw materials
Tier 2 - Basic carpentry - reduces time to craft certain items
Tier 3 - Tradesman - achieved through research and crafting materials allows production of more materials from less resources and speeds the process up
Tier 5 - Advanced joinery allowing more complex objects to be crafted such as staircases etc
Tier 5 - basic building - speeding up cement production after x amount of previous productions
Tier 5 - building - allowing the prosecution of more complex cement building materials after research etc.
This branch could go into some excellent depth!

Metallurgy Skills
Metal work based crafting skills and bonuses

Mechanical skills
A vehicle engineering  branch, same as above, gradually speeding up repairing, making repairs more effective and unlocking more complex tasks for players.

Tier 1 - changing a wheel X amount of time means it can be done quicker 
Tier 2 - Basic mechanical skills allow vehicle maintenance (increasing owned vehicle's general condition and degradation - this would also need to be added - see suggestions further down!)
Tier 3 - research through books etc allows basic repairs to engines etc. on smaller vehicles
Tier 4 - Basic body repair, again making repairs more effective after X amounts of attempts
Tier 5 - Transmission repairs - achieved after research
Tier 6 - Allows work on complex military vehicles

Aviation Engineering
For chopper/ plane repairs. As above really, unlocked through a combination of practical and research adding bonuses that speed up repairs and make chopper maintenance more effective.

Flight Skills
This is a controversial one, but i personally think the ability to fly should be unlocked first through research then through a  combination of research and flight hours as you progress, gradually allowing access to bigger and better choppers.

Survivalist Skills 
These would be a set of unlock-able skills allowing more craft-able items and reducing the degradation of these items. Things like animal trapping or killing for meat could be more effective through unlock-able skills, yielding better results as its progressed. 

Farming and Horticulture 
largely a research and practical based branch allowing the production of self sustained crops or fruit and vegetables (or drugs!). Bonuses would be quicker productions, higher amounts of crops and more successful results. 

Weapon Proficiency 
A skill branch that affects the use of weapons (maybe triggering the coefficiency rating of a character?) , adding respect bonuses for ranged shots, increasing gun effectiveness (by adding a maintenance value to it maybe? - making maintenance periods much longer for proficient users?) , bonus' triggered by the use of certain types of weapon.

A13) Canned Drinks Add 1PT


Again not one of our group's suggestions but a nice little touch, even if it's not game changing, is to have your pop tabs increase by one for every canned drink you consume. As suggested on this board by Dr.Red_DDS,   The original discussion about this can be viewed here:

A14) Less community fragmentation  - less mod requirement


On the whole, Exile vanilla needs to focus on reducing the fragmentation of the community between servers running stacks of different mods. This can only be done by trying to provide more content in the base mod and reduce the need to add many different mods, particularly for content. The biggest use of mods in the community it add weapons, vehicles, clothing  and equipment. I personalyl feel this introduces too much inconsistency and duplication (e.g. Exile_AK47 and CUP_AK47 which may have totally different stats ingame. 

Make mods less necessary please! 

A15) Rappelling (& movement mods etc).


A continuation from the above suggestion - most servers want rappelling, advanced movement or other similarly cool mods to improve on ARMA3's "rigid" character movement feel. I understand this is largely a problem presented by BI but it might be beneficial to maybe try and integrate one or more of them (or variations of them) into the base game to make it a bit more playable.

A16) Vehicle and Safe "hacking"


Vehicle theft and hotwiring is great, thanks for adding it. However, a quick and easy setting in the main config to be able to set the success rates of using the knife to hotwire vehicles.  Also the same goes for the code scanning thing. Maybe a bit more of a random factor to how successful it actually is. Also make this require batteries.

Safes should also be crackable by default with some tools like grinders and drills maybe?  

A17) Status bar 


I know the original devs didnt really want one and wanted a bit more gritty experience so offered a limited UI with the XM8 offering most info but fuck it, we all expect them or add them to our servers anyway. Give us a better vanilla  status bar and UI. Make it appealing and fitting too ;), maybe only visible when you have the XM8 in your inventory. Maybe make it need batteries too or it disappears!?

A18) Night Time Settings & Bonuses


I think the night time in ARMA3 is amazing. Its so atmospheric and the lighting system is one of the things BI really did get rigth int he game. It's completely underused and most servers dont use this wonderful system, which is a shame.

There's a few reasons for this but I think it can be easily tackled and some scripts already offer solutions to remedy this - Occupation has a great time amplifier for instance that allows days and nights to run and different time speeds. This would be great to add to the base mod - having a full 24 hour period configurable within a servers restart cycle.  A typical 3 hour cycle can easily accommodate a 20-30 minute night cycle (my server does so i know its possible and easy done).

I appreciate this still doesn't tackle the stubborn "sunny days" majority who won't have their PvP sniping hindered in anyway - so why not encourage night time settings more by adding some bonuses to the more irritating or inconvenient gameplay elements it forces on players? For instance, you could have a loot multiplyer meaning you can actually find more or better loot during night time hours?

Also, maybe have a respect bonus on all kills made during nighttime hours?  Perhaps even trader prices could have a "discount" applied during these hours? 

Other elements could be added to this time to make it more exciting too, for instance combining it with the idea of Radioactive antagonists - making these antagonists able to spawn anywhere during the dark hours... just an example. 


A19) Prisoner Allowance


Credit here really goes to the MGT community and their admin  @MGTDB (sorry if anyone else has this too or developed this) - basically the problem with a physical currency is no one seems to carry it! Its always locked away safe in a locker or at an impregnable base! 

So what you need is a reason for players to have PopTabs on their person regularly! MGT introduced "Prisoner Pay Checks" - a small regular payment made to the player's inventory every few minutes. Over the course of 3-60 minutes, ultimately it builds up to a tidy little bonus if you're lucky enough to snuff the player carrying it.

 The payment obviously should be customisable and relevant to the economy of the server, but basically not so large as they panic and chicken out of all action or immediately run to a  locker ever 5 minutes, but not too small as its not worth collecting (to most!). great system that NEEDS to be in the vanilla experience!

 A20) 3d Markers


 As suggested by someon on this thread (sorry i'll add you as a credit when i edit this again!), make 3D markers only possible if you have a GPS. It just makes better use of tools already in the game. 

 A21) Item Durability


Might add something interesting if the tools you use could break or may need replacing at some point. Similarly with weapons (especially now 'weapon parts' have been added) they may occasionally fail and need repairs.

  A22) Interactive Map Resources


I kind of go into this on another suggestion further down, but it would be nice to see some more natural interactive resources, for example providing power/light/fuel/water/energy/welding/repairs/tools  for crafting recipes. For example the ability to produce sand bags or sand for crafting with recopies that recognise the beach as an interactive place for sand. Similarly, with the right tools  you can produce rocks and stones to be broken down from rocks or cliffs for cement or other craftable "rock" structures (these would need to be added, like rock walls etc).


B1) Sustainable Food, Water (and drugs/alcohol/tobacco) etc.


It would be nice to see the expansion of this survival element, ideally as an expansion of the base building module.  Basically it would give players the option to grow basic vegetables or crops for a self sustainable food source and/or trad-able items.

It could link into the previously mentioned SKILLS SYSTEM (Require knowledge/skills to unlock successful growing) and would also require seeds to be sourced/looted/purchased.  

Having vegetables and the seeds to grow them, again also adds more new content that can spawn in residential areas which helps the loot table and gives a quick variety of new loot. Growing could take place over longer periods of time in-game and via secure vegetable patches/green houses etc.  which could be looted or destroyed if found by hostile players. Again increasing the need for secure player bases/territories. 

Suitable and varied vegetables such  as potatoes, carrots, cauliflowers, lettuce, cabbage, pumpkins, strawberries, broccoli, turnips, leeks etc. would give a lot of variety, allow for varying levels of hunger and sustenance and could also be used in combinations to "craft" bigger recipes. These could also have medicinal  nutritional benefits or be sold pre "cooked" (or crafted) in a player based market.

The  craftable water collection butts/wells have already been added, which would be required for farming/growing foods. Water storage could depend on rainfall. Being able to steal or destroy another players/groups food and water supplies has a massive implication on players. 


B2) Virtual Garages


Not an original suggestion and we see it on a load of servers now - and it's a fantastic feature. Basically for those who are unfamiliar with this script, you can store your vehicles offline as part of your base.

I would suggest making it part of the vanilla mod but require a phtical garage (or structure) to be build to enable it. Once constructed, you can securely store your vehicles in these garages where they are held virtually, i.e. off the map. The benefit is it helps server performance and also keeps vehicles safe. It also gives players additional base building objectives. 

If implemented correctly,it could also mean players have to mange their vehicles more realistically and can't hoard too many vehicles as they are automatically cleaned up if they aren't accessed or used within a certain (server admin definable?!) period. It could also be further developed to possibly require "protection" costs too or to have in built limitations as to how many vehicles or types of vehicles could be stored per group/player. That's for smarter people than me to discuss though.
The garages themselves should always be destructible and this means they are expensive if hostile players get access to them and decide to destroy them - vehicles stored however are still safe even if the garage is destroyed and can be spawned from any other virtual garage - I'd suggest maybe having an indestructible free one somewhere on the map, maybe adding some risky PvP scenarios. 


B3) Vehicle Protection


Ok, so we've established I'm a major fan of the virtual garages system given it's server performance benefits. However, as an alternative and as a means of encouraging base development and actually giving more reasons to have a secure base/territory,  how about taking the same sort approach as @ynpMOOSE who provided the vehicle protection system script? 

For those who are unaware, this is a great script that tackles one of Exiles more exploited/troll friendly features which is vehicle being destroyed when left unattended. 

Basically the script works by making the owned vehicles that are stored within a territory (player has to own both or added to the territory) invincible when they log out AND after the server restart. The vehicles become vulnerable again once the player is back online.

This prevents owners abusing the system by simply logging out to protect their vehicles when under attack and also encourages longer play times as players are more likely to stay online till closer to the server restart. 

I've used this script and it works a treat.

B4) Moving Territory Flags


I know there are some territory and flag related features in the works right now, but this is a straight forward feature I know a lot of people would like to see. 
A great suggestion by Zarbon posted on the boards, being ability to relocate or move your flag pole is a great feature that will convenience players. 

B5) Building Expansions


The popularity of mods such as Extended Base Building and Donkey Punch have highlighted the demand for more buildibale objects and how much people enjoy making elaborate bases and constructions in game. Base building  is one of the most beloved features of Exile, and previous ARMA mods.

Mechanically it has been executed to perfection in Exile and it should be showcased as one of it's defining features; however I believe it  needs further refining to make it more "bespoke" to Exile and put a grater emphasis  on clan/group base building and additional features to make it more of a necessity and to encouraging it to play a bigger role in game play (and encouraging base raiding too!).

As I stated, mechanically right now it's a very nice feature and I like how simplistic and easy it is to do - not as much of a ball ache as some other mods! 

First of all it NEEDS vector building. I know the devs have stated outright this wont be coming BUT it is a feature that has proven popular on other mods and Exile should be aiming to at least match this!

I appreciate it may not be coming due to the physics engine on arma3 and the way Exile has at least attempted to try and provide a basic physics building system, however it is still far from a balanced and "realistic" system and vector building just makes it so much nicer - even until a proper full 3rd physics building module could be introduced.

Additionally I'd recommend we see a lore more new stuff too like;

           -  Build-able trench systems (using the A2 land models /trenches/artillery nests etc.)
           - Seats - with a sitting animation! It is possible?!
           - half floors
            - camo nets 
           - hunting towers
           - sandbag bunkers  (craftable from sandbags)
           - A3 lookout towers (those big military green things in A3 - craftable with wood/metal/screws/shipping containers!)
           -  storage enhancements (shipping containers, sheds, racks, crates  etc .)
            -  large hanger doors
            -  horizontal trap doors (hatches for choppers etc) 
            - draw bridges etc.  
            - self sustaining farming and water accumulations infrastructures (as discussed further down).


B6) Flag Stealing - anti-troll base raiding system


The base and territory system feels so unfinished (and i know it is). At present it doesn't support newer players well and this is amplified when on larger, well populated servers. This means it's very difficult for players to get established on these servers and it's possibly one of the more frustrating elements of the game. I could easily see people hitting the "uninstall" button on this mod for being on the receiving end of having their bases raided constantly!  

While its easy to say "go cry, and don't play", that doesn't benefit the community, it's counter productive to the success of the mod as a whole and it just supports trolling by only supporting long term/established players at the expense of new/inexperienced or PvE type players. 

While I understand this, and feel there needs to be benefits to long term play, I do feel it's an element aggressively and excesively abused. I think there needs to be a better solution to early game base bulding/protection for small groups or individuals. A big part of the mods attraction is base building and the game needs to embrace this (as well as it's PvP approach!) so there needs to be a compromise with ways to reduce the trolling of players with mindless raids and destruction as most players will, unfortunately, just think "sod this" and feel its not worth the hassle. 

The whole base/family escalation path just feels wrong to me right now. 

My biggest problem with base raiding is that 9 times out of 10 it is done when a player is offline. I know the devs are aware of this and tried to tackle it with the notifications system but it doesnt really cut it. 

I'm a grown man with kids, a job and responsibilities. I can't just drop everything at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon when my base on the game is being raided.  I expect that's the case for most people. It doesn't add anything to the game for the majority of the community who have their bases raided at silly-o'clock in the morning and in my opinion, is more likely to make them think it's futile and give up to go play something else. 

Don't get me wrong - base raiding is fun and essential. No one should be 100% safe, but surely the aim of the game is it to be fun and dangerous for all players. A much more suitable approach would be to make flags stealable for periods of time around a players activity. So, lets say each time a player logs in, their base flag is completely vulnerable and "stealable" for that entire period until the server restarts - even if they log out.

For server owners who worry this is being abused, perhaps further "raiding" windows could be introduced where ALL flags are fair game. These days/times could be set up regularly. SO for instance, maybe the server admin feels that in addition to base owners having their flag stalable on the server rotation when they are online, additionally each Saturday 5pm to 10pm all flags are stealable. 

This would help server populations by encouraging players to stay online till server restarts as well as, if planed correctly, making "peak" times for players to get online. Obviously if the server admins are picking daft hours, or even choosing for flags to be stealable at all times - that's up to them and their community to decide if they like it or not.  


B7) Expand Locks (Multiple options & Managed Access)


I've recently revamped this suggestion and combined a few different suggestions from feedback all over the forum. 

Nothing in exile should be 100% safe. Everything should be stalable in some way. With this in mind, there could be multiple different types of locks available, of different values, rarity and durability based on their use.

First of all you could have your basic pad-locks. These could be added to anything - a wooden crate, a door, container or any other added storage item. They would be fairly cheap and common and require a key to lock. These keys could be stolen, duplicated or lost and the locks themselves could be destroyed or accessed with tools and time. 

Next step up would be a combination lock, basically a little bit more pricey mechanical padlock with the combination number tumbler in it that just needs a PIN to unlock it.  More useful for shared door access and more reliable as keys cant be lost or stolen. Again though, they could be cut or grinded off with time and tools. 

Then you could have your digital PIN locks we have now. Basically a digital version of the combination lock, PIN required but vulnerable to code scanners for a short period of time, computer hack attacks and tools (much longer time and more tools required to break this bastard!)

Then there could be a more expensive enhanced managed lock - like a retina scan or thumb print lock that allows multiple people to use the lock without having to put PINs in (working on player UID). These would rare and expensive. maybe requiring power generators to be built into bases, or something like that, but would be great for communal bases. They could still be accessed in the same manner as the Code locks, but again requiring more time and effort to "hack".

B8) Ability To Hide Territory Name


As mentioned earlier, this may tie into the new territory system being developed somehow but it would be nice to maybe have the option to hide your territory name to remain covert - so it  will not to flash up on the top of the screen when players enter the region.  

It could be tied into base or territory size maybe? Maybe a territory only becomes visible after it is expanded beyond a certain level? Or perhaps if it is built in a certain families "territory" area of the map it doesnt show as an individual base name and is just shown as the controlling families name? 

B9) Written signs/messages/Display screens/Journals


A bit MineCraft this but it would be nice to have some functions to display messages and signs. Ideally this would be done through sign posts, billboards or some kinds of digital display screen (if sufficiently crafted and power etc. sorted with it!). Could be a nice little touch. Also player journals to log a players personal experience maybe - something that other players could steal or collect as personal trophies or just browse to add atmosphere!

B10) Flag Planting - must be on ground


To counter balance the raiding arguments and reinforce my believe in risk/reward within the game, I do believe all flags should be accessible making raiding and theft a viable option with incentive. I've played a few servers one in particular) where "floating" flags were a problem. While they are not always impossible to reach, they are incredibly frustrating and are immersion breaking. Flag poles should always be placed on the "ground" of the map 

B11) Territories, protection and "families"


Again, further development from the base/territory system. I know this was discussed by the original devs but never got fully implemented. This may or may not work well with the other suggestions I have made regarding base raiding, but this is my preferred method. 

Basically, as groups (need a better family system with escalation) families grow they should be able to control areas or regions of the map, making map control a part of the game and giving players and groups more to fight over than purely just bases. This means control of strategic areas of the map relies of cooperation of more people and groups, as would be the case in real life.  

It also allows the expansion of the family and group systems by allowing affiliations, loyalties, protections and alliances. Basically other players could build bases within a larger family or groups territory region BUT would pay their weekly "Protection" to that family, rather than the game, meaning all money would go towards that family (as a family fund, this would be separate to personal funds!).

That family would then be responsible for helping "protect" the bases within their territory, meaning if they are raided  they would; 

     1) lose part of the map they control and possibly any financial or resource based bonus they had from having it under their control  
     2) lose regular protection payments while this base remained "raided"  
     3) lose family respect
This would mean smaller groups or individuals could get protection by affiliating themselves with bigger more powerful groups, helping them get established early game. It also introduces some interesting family dynamics and a more challenging system for groups to aspire and escalate to, giving the game more longevity.

B12) Snap building underneath objects


Nice and easy one to get your head around - lets allow base objects to be snapped "underneath" existing structures.

B13) Vector building


I know the previous Devs didn't like this idea but its so popular and just very nice, lets have it! We all know how to use it, dont sweat it's bugs!

B14) Painting


Proven to work and is so very nice! Make it part of vanilla, it adds more potential for crafting and could also be an incentive to carry money on players (if it costs poptabs to paint each part of your base). 

Additionally it would be nice to only have the basic weapons available at traders and on loot tables and then have the option to "paint" guns with the right combination of paint to produce the camo versions. Maybe add some community produced "painted" guns of interesting designs requiring specific recipes for variety?



C1) Vehicle Parts


Fixing vehicles with duct-tape is for the birds. Its too simplistic and kind of annoying when in combat that you cant do it. 

Lets see it get a bit more challenging and add a bit more depth to it by adding individual components within each vehicle. I'd like to see some unique and new components added that are required, with more useful and heavy duty/military vehicles requiring specialist or different parts (See the new items section!).

As suggested further down, car batteries, lights,  windscreens, engine blocks (of varying size!), transmissions, braking systems and fuel lines should all be required and be individually damaged components. 

These should ideally also require different tools that can be configurable in much the same way as the cool crafting system!

C2) Salvageable Items 


With the above suggestion you're going to need more more parts and tools to get a car working. You're not going to want to have to buy all those parts so lets mek them a salvageable item from other vehicles or wrecks.

C3) Vehicle Durability


I know this is mostly an A3 issue but again, with more parts to each vehicle and the requirement of more tools and components, you dont want the ball ache of doing long complicated repairs each time you run over a bush! Lets make the cars a bit more durable instead of making them from paper!!

C4) Towing


With more complex vehicle and the likelyhood your ride is going to end up ina  ditch regularly needing parts, its a good idea to have towing as standard in the mod, making collecting a crashed vehicle with another set of wheels a quicker solution!

C5) More Vehicles


*sigh* sorry, I know you are slowly adding stuff still and we can see some new vehicles being added soon, and we really appreciate all the cool vehicles already added - but we really do like our additional content! 

The more that comes in with vanilla exile, the less we see a fragmented community! Lets negate the need for all these additional vehicle mods that add inconsistent capacity and armour ratings! 

Some cool vehicles we still miss from other ARMA versions and mods;

The Vodnik (armed and unarmed)
The Osprey 
The mosquito (and other micro-lites)!
The little Skoda (all colours)
The old VW Sedan 
BTR 40 unarmed  (added!)
Some other armour vehicles
nice community civilian vehicles!

C6) Vehicle Maintenance 


Something I thought may make surviving in Exile a bit more interesting, and adding yet another dynamic to the game, is the need for vehicle maintenance. This is something I mentioned in the Player Skills suggestion too!  

I feel it would be nice to have a configurable feature of being able to set the need for vehicle maintenance (controlled by server admins). Basically each vehicle as well as requiring fuel, will require periodic maintenance.  I appreciate you can and will hopefully need to "repair" vehicles (magic duck tape!), but aim talking about general maintenance in order for the vehicle to work , i.e. start and continue running. 

This could either be done either at the traders by a "mechanic" who will service the vehicle for a set fee, or by players themselves if they have the required tools and/or materials (oil/water/batteries) and player skills.

This could be controlled or monitored by a mileage counter that keeps track of a vehicles use/travel and gradually as it increases or reaches certain intervals it should be come less reliable (perhaps taking a couple of attempts to start, lights start failing, tires getting flatter, top speeds reducing etc) gradually until it becomes unreliable.

C7) Refuel / Re-arm Costs


Why should players be able to refuel for free at service stations? This is meant to be a harsh environment - a valuable commodity like fuel wouldn't be free or easy to come by conveniently.

I agree it's a nice convenience and is great that we can quickly and easily fill our vehicles up regularly BUT this should surely be something players should atleast have to pay for the speed, ease and convenience of.

Not only is this currently free but it's way too easy and it's potentially a mechanism of increasing PvP encounters or even as a resource for families to provide/steal/protect that is currently not being capitalised on. 

Fuel stations could easily be legitimate PvP hotspots offering vehicle rewards as spoils for those willing to tackle the brave soles who use them!

So in order to increase game play and immersion, first of all fuel stations should be deducting pop-tabs for using them. Nothing too pricey mind you as it still has to be something players prefer doing for it's convenience and ease (maybe 2-5 pop tabs per litre also configurable by admins?) but something should definitely be deducted from a players pop-tab balance for each refuel. 

To help with PvP and adding more elements of danger to this currently "too safe" convenience (boosting the risk/rewards stakes), Then you could think about locations of fuel stations and the easiest way to do this is to introduce different fuel types. More specifically distinguishing between aviation fuel and regular vehicle gas (petrol/diesel).  Choppers and planes shouldn't be able to refuel a regular gas stations, they should have dedicated gas stations across the map (airstrips/military bases) where they can be auto refuel (also at a cost). Those who didnt fancy the risks could still use fuel barrels to fill manually from free sources (tanks) and refuel trucks (dedicated aviation fuel truck at increased costs).

Similarly, for any armed vehicles, there needs to be a trader that will re-arm the vehicle for a hefty price. 

C8) Vehicle Fortifications & Upgrades


Another popular suggestion, and in keeping with the general theme and feel of Exile, is to have "home made" armour and fortification upgrade options for player vehicles. This would serve as low tier objectives and cheap ways to increase survival chances early game. It also would add a little more to the atmosphere and give players another stepping stone to larger, more expensive military vehicles. 

Similarly, having increases in vehicle armour, capacity, resilience and speed due to upgrades would be nice if possible. Perhaps this could tie in with the skills system. 

C9) Combat Repairs


I think we should be able to repair vehicles while in combat now that it takes time. Especially if it is made to require more components too. Otherwise it's too easy too incapacitate a vehicle. 

C10) Claim Vehicles


It should be nice and easy to claim any mission or spawned vehicle, for a price of course. 


D1) More interactive Items 


With the potential of having more buildable/purchased equipment, there should be more interactive items (like how you are required to interact with fire, work benches, fuel sources and water sources now!). These could be used to add more to the crafting system, allowing more compelx items to be crafted with certain items such as power generators, static tool trolleys, engine hoists, larger workbenches, welding rigs, loading trolleys etc. If you want to craft complex materials or buildings you require a more suitable"workshop" in your base. 

This could be expanded to include a more comprehensive infirmary too for better/more suitable player healing, as explained in an earlier suggestion for the medical system expansion. For example building/placing medical equipment to quickly heal/revive players.

D2) More Weapons


One issue raised already is the need to reduce the fragmentation of the community, the biggest way of doing this is to tackle the mods that are fragmenting the community by including as much content as possible to reduce the need for said mods.  This is something I know Bastian is well aware of and has made efforts to tackle with the upcoming patch by including some of the A2 weapons to the Vanilla Exile (Courtesy of the very talented @Psycho !). 

This is fantastic and the mostly Soviet era weapons are more fitting and in-keeping with the game style. However, people always want more (sorry!). Here are some of the A3 content weapons (from A2  and  popular A3 mods) we would love to see added to the game.

  • M110
  • M24
  • MK16
  • MK17
  • Winchester (Ala Day Z!)
  • AA12
  • MP5
  • MP5SD
  • P90
  • G36 variants
  • LOADS more pistols (M9, Glock, Sig, USP etc) (Some added!)
  • Bizon
  • Saiga shotgun
  • SA 58 (Czech AK) (multiple variants including RIS mounts - awesome!)
  • CZ 805
  • LA85s
  • m249S
  • l110a1
  • MG36
  • M60
  • MK48
  • XM8 variants
  • MK12 Spr
  • MK16 sniper
  • Vintorez
  • M14
  • L129A1 !!!
  • CZ550 
  • G22
  • AWM
  • M40
  • AS50

Lets maybe see some more civillian type weapons too, maybe some bespoke Exile weapons... 
Great job so far though!!!

D3) More Equipment / Tools / Stuffs!


This isn't going to float everyone's boat, but it adds more depth to the survivalists and more potential for survival servers and PvE stuff. Of course it can be configured to have less of an impact on faster paced PvP servers.

Some possible expansions to the loot items include;


Proper mechanism for batteries - i.e. some tools/equipment require the "loading" of batteries.  
Torches/flashlights - head-torches and regular handheld flashlights - last longer than flares/glow sticks.
 Old school road flares - we loved their harsh red glows in Day Z mod
Blow torch -  To flambé my puddings!
Scissors - used for various crafting/clothing crafting/releasing zipties
Side-cutters - Cutting tool
Camping stove - light and cookery
Crow bar - required for elements of building/crafting/or to priese open some "locked"  storage
Cement mixer - required to craft breeze block structures
Heavy duty/circular  saw  - required for large scale crafting/building or speeds up crafting>?
Chainsaw  - Speeds up wood collection and works like a weapon
Smelting pot - for the production of metal stuffs
Mortar and pestle - for herbal remedy production
Rake - tool for growing and horticulture
Fork - tool for horticulture
Tear gas - throwable tear gas

Batteries - multiple types for cordless screwdriver, torches and other tools
Gas canisters - small ones for camping stoves, large ones for blow torch - double as explosives if shot or can be used for crafting
Pad locks -  regular standard duty pad locks that for the best pat prevent access to storage items or doors but can be forced open with crow vars - this would work on a percentage, e.g 50/50 they would either work or break the crowbar - server admins could set the variable on how successful they were)
Safe cracking kit - a kit comprising of multiple tools required to have a percentage chance of hacking a safe
Seeds (various fruits and vegetables for cultivation)
Loose bullets - used to craft ammo
Empty magazines - used to craft ammo
Screens/monitors - used for CCTV installations
Keyboards - as above
Car batteries
Engine blocks (4-pot) - used for vehicle repair (small vehicles)
Ebgine block (6 Pot)  - used for medium vehicle repairs
V8 Engine - used for industrial/military vehicle repairs
Auto Transmissions - vehicle parts 
Manual transmissions - vehicle parts
Fuel tanks - vehicle parts
Rotor - chopper parts
Books/encyclopedias/documents - research materials for unlocking skills and reward bonuses
Various drugs
Pills - medication and poisons

String -  used as a crafting  material
Rags - Craftable material from ripping any clothing then used for bandages and other things such as camo nets etc.
Pens/pencils - trash/creating notes or documents
Cable - used to craft digital/electronic items
Sheets - Another crafting material
Slings - required to holster rifles to shoulder weapon slot - see suggestions further down page for more info
Nails - Used with planks to create quick, low level locking/barricades  on buildings, crafted bases or structures. Requires hammer to erect and crow bar to remove
Glass panes - used for various crafting and building recipes
Plastic panels - as above
Grass/reeds - crafting material
Bamboo - crafting material used like a weaker metal pole
Rocks/stones  - used for various crafting recipes.
Clay - Used to craft items such as tiles for bases
Gun powder - used for crafting boobie traps and explosives, or even bullets.
Compost - crafting resource for horticulture. Could be crafted for waste materials

Warmer clothing options
Cooler clothing options
Waterproof clothing
The "Donald" suit from A2
Hazmat Suits - for radiation and anti-thermal detection

Add some more backpacks! There are some bigger bergans in the MAS pack that are very useful and offer serves the chance to make more exclusive. 

As above - some more civillian vets (jackets/belts, fanny-packs, leg holsters, satchels etc) as well as military will help variety. 


D4) empty magazines


Empty magazines are a resource not to be thrown away! Especially since individual bullets have been added to the base mod, lets see empty mags to add them too so looting becomes about collecting individual bullets rather than convenient full magazines!


E1) Player Driven Economies & Marketplace


This is something a large portion of the community want. Basically it is a change to the current trader system, which has essentially unlimited supplies of everything, and replaces it with limited amounts of stock that is replenished by players selling good. This adds a very interesting dynamic and creates a  genuine supply/demand market. Ideally, you would want to see trader prices increasing as stocks become lower, and decreasing as they become higher. This could offer some really fun scenarios in high pop servers, with large groups competing to dominate trader markets.  

E2) Community Trader


Having a trader that deals specifically in players' unwanted goods with the player defining the prices of said goods works well.  Call it black market or player auctions, call it whatever, essentially it's a way of players selling things the traders don't trade in and/or they don't like the trader prices and are undercutting them.

Players get to sell their goods and make a bit of money and customers get some good deals. It's a purely community driven market that compliments the trade cities and works particularly well on busy servers. It also is in keeping with the setting and back story - it adds atmosphere and gives players another reason to be in that trade city. This is a must! 

It also adds a trade option for pre-crafted materials that players create and no longer need, saving other the hassle of doing it. Essentially creating another option for making money for some players. 

E3) Mobile Trader


On a couple of mods I've seen "mobile traders" (Gypsie Traders!)  scripts that basically have traders spawning around the map dynamically in a  similar way to the missions system (only this time its done between restarts). This is a very cool feature and could do with being introduced , especially for those of us who love a custom map ! There needs to be a better, or less time consuming, method of adding/ manipulating traders and mobile traders could easily be one way to quickly allow traders on a custom map. Even for standard servers this feature adds some variety. Personally I wold have these as none-safe zone traders that deal in some of the ore high end equipment, such as laser designation, rocket launchers, Explosives, deploy-able weapons, UAVs, 50 cals etc. improving the risk/reward factor - yes you can get your mits on some rel Gucci military grade gear, but you pay the price for it as you are not protected. Having the traders mobile or dynamic  adds variety and means a players who do want to camp them have to do a bit of work in scouting their locations etc, so its not as easy as camping a regular trade zone.


F1) Family Respect


With the clan system still being developed and positive changes to the respect system being made in the next release, it would make sense for us to expect some kind of clan/family respect system to reflect each groups status within the server. This clan based respect, probably made up from a formula based on clan territory, activity and member resect levels, could or should have various benefits and unlocks.  Lets see what comes with the next release. 

F2) Clan Diplomacy (Allegiances & Vendettas)


I love that a dedicated clan module is  something the devs are focusing on and have thought to include - kudos for that most mods don't do this! I'm excited to see what things they have in store for us on this front but I thought I'd add a few ideas that would occur in an "ideal world" situation. Now I get this may be all wishful thinking but this is a wishlist so why not explore some cool things we would like to see?

 Taking into consideration the above proposals regarding making changes to protection costs for larger groups, it may be fair to presume some groups would consider breaking down into smaller clans or groups, or even teaming up with other groups/clans to try and reduce their costs but still remain loyal to their allied clans. It also fair to assume some groups/clans will naturally favour some clans over others and have various diplomatic status' with them.  With this in mind, it would be great to see some kind of system for having various clan stats, similar to how the group system works now, perhaps having "allied" clan members showing up on a players' hud/in game as a different colour and a key showing clan members' their ally clan's colour.

For example I play with BSB, members of my clan will show up as maybe blue hexagons on my in-game screen and show me map locations of them. We could then strike up an allegiance with another clan and have an in-game function that noted this (via the clan system) and there could be an option (set by clan leaders/appointed admins/ranks etc maybe) to see allies as a different coloured hexagon, and again a toggle-able option to see their map locations. This would benefit clan cooperation raids and missions.

The game could also help maintain these in-game allegiances by offering incentives for honouring them, such as deducting respect for killing clan members of your own and allied clans, offering trade bonuses between clans (see suggestion 11 for player marketplace etc.) 

Equally there could be options to set clans as enemies, or a way for tracking "vendettas", which would possibly reward players with additional points/respect for killing members of rival gangs/clans/groups. This could tie in nicely with a  bounty system too, with clans putting combined "hits" on certain clans or clan members. 

On the whole, the clan system could have a thread of it's own for cool features though I think. 

F3. Bounties


The bounty system needs to be added! I know the devs gave up on it but there's a decent attempt already out there by the community - lets expand on it more with more depth and tie it in with the clan/families system (imagine trying to put a hit/bounty out on a "made" man in the biggest family on the server!). Having families pay for hits on players or for achieving defined objects (steal a flag/destroy a vehicle/raid a safe etc.) would be very useful.

Alternatively, having missions randomly selecting players or bases with high rewards or bounties on them, making them fair game for every player trying to retreive the rewards.


wow, you're tenacious! Just to throw you a bone for persevering with this read, here are some ideas already introduced to Exile that previously featured on this list. This may or may not be related to the suggestions made here, but it does at least give you some hope of these ideas potentially getting considered for development! The Dev team are engaging with the community and take all positive and constructive feedback on-board. Please keep this in mind when providing feedback here on the forum.


  • Weather/Environment (ADDED 0.9.6)
  • Alternative official map support (ONGOING SINCE 0.9.6)
  • Improved base protection/maintenance  (ADDED 0.9.36)
  • Map indicator for death (Red Skull)  (ADDED 0.9.36)
  • Group feature improvements  (ADDED 0.9.4)
  • Improve hunger/thirst system (ADDED 0.9.36)
  • Physical currency (COMING NEXT PATCH)
  • Trash items (ADDED 0.9.4)
  • More storage items (ADDED 0.9.6)
  • More food and drink items (ADDED 0.9.4)
  • Weapon sway system fixed and controllers added  (ADDED 0.9.4)
  • Trader God-mode cool down on leaving safe-zone (ADDED 0.9.35)
  • Add actions/interactive menus (ON-GOING SINCE 0.9.4)
  • Picking locks (ON-GOING SINCE 0.9.4)
  • Customise and make vehicle capacities consistent (ON-GOING SINCE 0.9.4)
  • Add new vehicles (ON-GOING SINCE 0.9.35)
  • Add tools  (ON-GOING SINCE 0.9.4)
  • Increase safe storage  (ADDED 0.9.4)
  • Fix/improve A3 weapon sway system (ADDED 0.9.4)
  • Controls for weapon/vehicle thermals  (ADDED 0.9.36)
  • Improve respect system/Dynamic respect  (ADDED)
  • More weapons (ON-GOING SINCE 0.9.4)
  • Animal hunting  (ADDED 1.0.3)
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Regarding the AI's
Spot on, do not want to see zombies in this mod, I also think that Monsters, Demons and other Epoch crap was ridiculous - Please do NOT add some non-human AI's into Exile...

Like Boxman suggested, crime gangs, serial killers, psychopaths roaming around the map, protecting goods, vehicles etc would be awesome idea.

Depending on the AI you meet, they should have different strengths and powers so people would actually react accordingly when they see an "easy" gang AI with "ah it's only them..." and when they see the "hard" gang AI "shit... run" :D

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#14 +++ must have

need more hardcore medicial system with many different tools and injuries

Cheers, I completely agree. It's a massive part of the game that's under developed riught now yet is so critical to a crafting survival game! I've expanded the suggestion a  little to elaborate it more after playing a  little more and getting abit more experience with it. For me, Day Z /Epoch/Overpoch is leaps and bounds ahead of Exile in this way, yet using ARMA3 Exile could easily incorporate some of the many cool medical scripts out there to completely blow these previous mods out of the water! So lets see some development here! 





Add Taru Pods please and also the containers DLC Helicopter


I'd say this comes under Suggestion #9, more vehicles of all varieties are a must! The more the better, as long as they are balanced and not game breaking (I.e. tanks and OTT heavy military!)  

Edited by Boxman80
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yea I just read your post, cracking idea mate.  The fact it's been suggested more than once just goes to show it's something that many of us would like to see introduced. I think we are likely to see many of these suggestions cropping up multiple times - which is a good thing as it means most of us are singing from the same hymm sheet! 


What I'll do is update some of the best ideas that the community in general feel are good ideas and add them to this list, with credit of who is suggesting what here. 

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