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so, this is the new marker style

class Item17
			position[] = {17147, 0, 12775.4};
			name = "NavalTraderMolotovsk";
			text = "Naval Trader";
			markerType = "ELLIPSE";
			type = "ExileTraderZone";
			colorName = "ColorOrange";
			fillName = "SolidBorder";
			a = 20;
			b = 20;
			drawBorder = 1;

am i correct to assume, that the size of the marker also defines the size of the sz itself? if so, is there any way to change the style of the markers to the one below and if not, is it possible to make the exile marker invisible?

class Item17
   position[] = {17147, 0, 12775.4};
    name="Naval Trader Molotovsk";
	text="Naval Trader";

this is what i had before and it looks so much better. i need that back =)

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yep i can, but im having that ugly ellipse which i dont want. so its either changing the given one or make the given one invisible and add the old one

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