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can build checks


In side "ExileClient_util_world_canBuildHere.sqf"


_territoryLevelConfig = _territoryLevelConfigs select (_x getVariable ["ExileTerritoryLevel", 0]);

maybe should be:

_territoryLevelConfig = _territoryLevelConfigs select ((_x getVariable ["ExileTerritoryLevel", 0]) - 1);



As the  variable "ExileTerritoryLevel" is 1 with a new flag you want select 0 from the "CfgTerritories" >> "prices"

The way it is currently, the initial flag pole placement will grant you 30 meter build radius. and when you get to max level you will error out as there won't be a price for select 10 as it would need to be select 9...


Much Love

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