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Suggestion about respect points

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What do you guys think about this idea?

1. What will reduce your respect points

Killing a (unarmed/armed)player will give you a small penalty such as an amount of respect each kill. Teamkills and bambi kills will costs you even more respect. To steal their loots or preventing them to steal your loots. You can ziptie/handcuff them or make them just surrender their stuff to you. This so it can lower 'kill on sight' in this game :)

To make things easier to capture your prey: you can shoot/hit them until the player passed out unconsciously or get broken bones. As long as your prey isn't dead, you'll not receive respect point reduction.

2. How to gain respect points

You can gain respect points by selling stuff on traders. Each player, whether it's neutral/bandit can give a small amount of respect to a single player each day(realtime). 

3. Why you need respect points

You'll need respect points to able to expand your territory, buying high-end vehicles and gears.

4. Solution for bandits about this mechanic

Bandits with no/low respect points need either to carry out missions or killing/stealing player's loot to get what they needed. They still can build their terroritories, but they will not able to expand them.

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