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"Take All" feature does not take all.


The "take all" feature only picks up a few items, for example when picking up loot from your dead body, it only takes a few items but leaves gun etc on the ground. Especially frustrating when trying to pick up wood logs, it picks up a few logs then you have to drag and drop the rest. Not sure if this is a Exile issue, might be Arma. 

- ANTi

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The Take All feature works fine up until the point where your character has reached it's max capacity.  This is tied to the new Arma stamina/fatigue system.  You can verify this by watching your inventory screen and the white bar that goes from left to right across the bottom right of the inventory window.  Once it gets full you can no longer Take All, even if you have room left in your vest or backpack.  I don't know if the Exile devs intended for this or not, but logic would say that it's by design, since they have offered the ability for server owners to enable or disable the stamina/fatigue system.  If you have it enabled, then you wouldn't want to Take All, as this may overload your character easily.  

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