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Alpha Kevin

Wood Storage Crates disappearing and are a bit moved after restart


Hey guys,

I got a "little" problem.
Actually i am a bit scared of building more Wood Storage Crates...
Because everytime I do this and put some stuff in them they often disappear just after server restarts, i really don´t know where it depends on, i have never tried just building them without putting stuff in them and waiting for restart! But it is annoying and I lost quite much stuff cause of this... another thing i found out when i put some floors above my base these storage crates and my safes are moving really crazy. they lay on the ground and often they are turned over.

Another thing I have found out while building my base is that wood walls sometimes change their position over restart eventhough i snapped them so they should normally not change their position cause of physics or something, anyways you can disable it wasn´t it like this ?



Sry for my bad english sometimes, i am from germany so excuse me :D


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I think the first step would be to disable the physics with key 4, watch the top right when u are building the crate/anything else.

Second one is maybe the save of your builded items, here is a fix for server owners http://www.exilemod.com/topic/269-bases-cracking-on-restart/?do=findComment&comment=1986, it fixes the save of objects with more decimal digits.

PS: do a screenshot - not a picture of your monitor ;)

In german:
Versuch mal deine Boxen ohne aktivierte Physikeffekte zu bauen. Diese kannst mit der Taste 4 während des Bauvorgangs aktivieren/deaktivieren. Zumindest denke ich dass es die 4 war - schau mal oben rechts in die Anzeige - da wird die Physik erwähnt.

Alternativ könnte es an der falsch gerundeten Position liegen welche in der DB gespeichert wird. Dazu gibts einen Fix hier im Forum - dies muss aber jeder Serveradmin individuell einspielen und sorgt dafür dass Positionen von Objekten mit mehreren Dezimalstellen abgespeichert werden. Hier der Link: http://www.exilemod.com/topic/269-bases-cracking-on-restart/?do=findComment&comment=1986

PS: Mach in Zukunft Screenshots - keine Fotos von deinem Monitorbild ;) 

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