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scripts.txt Kicks *answered*

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Multiple scripts.txt Kicks after installing infiSTAR. Server rund Vanilla with Statusbar and Welcome Message this errors we get:

#35 "wnerID = owner _logic;
[_logic] joinsilent _group;
if (count units _groupOld == 0) then {deletegroup _groupOld;};

_logic se"


#36 "h {};

if (!isserver && !(_logic getvariable ["bis_fnc_moduleExecute_activate",!_isTriggerActivated])) exitwith {_logic setvari"

i was also have a returne of the:

"e "lastGestFreezeT";

the fastest Solution for me was, to deactivate the whole scripts.txt to allow players to join the Server. The funny fact is, that we wasn't have this issues on our Testserver and the Files from our Testserver are exact the same as on our Live Server-

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I don't know if you only have one empty line between the lines or two, because of the formatting here in the board. But you can try this:


Scripts.txt add this at the end of the mentioned lines:

at line 37:

!="wnerID = owner _logic;\n[_logic] joinsilent _group;\nif (count units _groupOld == 0) then {deletegroup _groupOld;};\n};\n\n_logic se"

at line 38:

!="if (!isserver && !(_logic getvariable [\"bis_fnc_moduleExecute_activate\",!_isTriggerActivated])) exitwith {_logic setvari"

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