How to make Exile Guards hostile to OPFOR

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I have zombies in my server and occasionally people drag a horde into a trader zone where players are helpless to defend themselves.  It was funny the first few times.

All my zombies are OPFOR so one way to prevent this would be to have the trader guards open fire on any OPFOR units they see.  I figure sporadic gunfire will also add a bit of atmosphere to the trader zone; make it feel a bit more post-apocalyptic.

I've looked through the config files but I cant find anywhere to configure the guards.  Does anyone have an idea how I can get my guards to defend their trader zones?

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Haha - Actually sounds really cool. You would have to make sure the guards were outside of the traders if they were going to be able to shoot though :(

Not sure where you would find those kind of files and I think they're spawned in client side?

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