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Change God Mod duration after leaving SafeZone

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HI all !

We are actually testing the lastest relase of Exile on our server and i was wondering if someone could tell me where i can change the tiime or duration of the god mode when leaving the safe zone.

We are histing a PVE server and what we would like is to come back to the old system where the protection was disables once out of the trader.

Thank you for your help

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On 17.12.2015 at 5:40 PM, Sir DannyDoomno1 said:

might have to edit some code in @exileserver > Exile_server.pbo > Code. not sure which file you should change but have a look, they are named quite descriptively 

This file  in exile_client.pbo ExileClient_object_player_safezone_checkSafezone.sqf, copy to mission.pbo

chage in this line time:      if (diag_tickTime - ExileClientPlayerLastSafeZoneCheckAt >= 30)

Then add  in to config.cpp :

    ExileClient_object_player_safezone_checkSafezone = "customExile\ExileClient_object_player_safezone_checkSafezone.sqf"

But sometimes the script writes a message to withdraw from the area immediately, without timing. What's the problem I do not know.

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