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Hello I'm a complete noob when adding stuff to a server but my problem is that I'm trying to get and admin menu for my server and I don't know how to to get one any help would be appreciated thanks in advance!!

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I can only recommend infistar! It´s by far the best tool out there, but its NOT free!

If you can not afford or don´t want to spend the money on it, try using

It´s free and easy to set up. 

Here are some features from bAdmin

  • Player Management (Infos, Spectate, Kill)
  • Player Markers
  • Shop Menu (No working yet)
  • Add Poptabs
  • Add Score
  • Teleport Menu (Map Pos, To Player, Player to)
  • Show Server FPS
  • Toggle God-mode

But its not very advanced and provides only basic functions.

I recommend reading about infiSTAR. Not only does it have all the features you can imagine, but the developer is very active in this forum and responds quickly to any problems!

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