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Bugs related to flood lights and generator


Good evening!

First of all thank you for your hard work for providing a quite interesting gameplay to Arma 3. I have created this ID just to support you with two bugs, which occured to be present in the latest Exile mod and is related to the generator and flood light items.

So the problem to flood lights is easy. It doesn't work at all. Nothing. Despite being placed they are named as "unknown" and won't work when you turn on the generator. I don't know if it's related to the fact that I had to move them because of bad placement (when selected they float much higher in the air, yet when positioned well they basically sink in, so I had to move it again leaving it being spawned at a much higher position).

And here we get to the second issue: Generators. While you place a generator and you turn it on you can hear the generator running. (the sound file for the generator could also be reworked, it's not really a perfect loop...) But, here comes the issue: if you leave it running and you try moving it, the sound effect stays at its previous place. After you replaced it and you turned it on again, you hear it twice. You do this again, you hear it once more, and so on. Also this stays on even if you leave the server and reconnect.

Launcher version: 1.3.133597, Game version: 1.54.133596, Branch: main / beta branch not specified

Server version: I can't tell, but according to the owner the actual latest (as of the 13th of December, 2015, 9:00pm CET), Mod version: Exile 0.9.4


I can probably make a recording of this later tonight, if you insist.




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Flood lights don't work on our server either. Doesn't look like it's mentioned in the change log for 0.9.41 either. :(

Can anything be done about placing the floodlights as well? You have to place them one jump above where you want them to be, otherwise they sink into the floor

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I think the flood lights and generators are a great addition to the game. I want to thank you guys for your hardwork and wonderful mod. I do however wish that there were some minor things adjusted on them if it is possible. 

  • There was a grid of sorts that would let you deploy one per floor and connect a group of lights to
  • The lights were just a bit brighter its almost like you are piping sunlight through a straw right now

Our server is run on a 4 hour reboot cycle with more darkness than light.

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