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Server Announcements exile_server_config/config.cpp

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I have the following entry in my exile_server_config/config.cpp:


useRestartMessages = 1;

restartWarrningTime[] = {180,175,120,60,30,15,10,5,3,2,1};  //is there supposed to be two (2) R's in "Warrning"?

restartTimer[] = {3, 0};

but at no point do I see any messages.  I deliberately put the 175 minute announcement in so that I could see the message at 10mins of the server running.  Is there a place where I can make my own custom language for the server announcements to support the restartWarrningTime[] = {180,170,120,60,30,15,10,5,3,2,1};   call?

Because of the instability of BEC I have chosen to try and use the EXILE equivalent found in confif.cpp.  

What am I missing? Any help is appreciated

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