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Sir DannyDoomno1

AGG Partners wanted :) Admins / Testers / Programers wanted

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Sup dudes, i am currently working on a server that seems to be popular, we have a number of people looking to join, but the thing is between the three of us working on the server I am the only one that can do any scripting or programming or server fixes. My other two friends mainly focus on map development and developing ideas that I then script into the server. 

That is fine and I am really enjoying it but it would be awesome if anyone wants to join us, we are EU based, and are on most days, if you have good ideas and a knack for coding or any skills that might be useful just join my team speak server and poke me ( DannyDoomno1 ). TS IP :

Need to speak half decent English and be 17+ and have some idea what you are doing lol.

We are friendly so feel free to say hi, and I wouldn't be against taking more than just one onto the project so even if others have already replied to this just come say hi.

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