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hello, I have a big big problems !!!!
I turn on debian linux 7
I can not launch a mod changed uppercase lowercase.
This change created against me errors that do ????
Thank you beforehand !!!!
Best regards


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In *nix, only sometimes do the mods need to be changed, it really depends on if the mod creator used = or == in their code. (= is case sensitive on linux, == is not) I've posted else where on the forums about this and basically it comes down to renaming only the file name and nothing after the extensions. Sed should be used as to keep any data after the extension intact. Not the find/rename that Porco posted which will cause everything to become lower case and cause lots of issues. (which I think the op may already be experiencing lol)

For Example only MAS_Weapons.MAS.bikey > mas_weapons.MAS.bikey
or MAS_Weapons.pbo > mas_weapons.pbo

From the original post in this thread, it seems like he may have had it all working, then changed to lowercase it and now its not working, so I would like to suggest, change it back or redownload the mods from their original source.


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