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So after a few banging head against wall sessions I'm finally biting the bullet and asking for help!

What I'm after is the ability (and the script) for placing a bike shop at my spawn locations along the coast of chernarus.

I've had little success with the spawn your own bike scripts floating around so I would like to place single traders at these locations instead of adding additional scripting.

So I've added bikes to a community trader:

class Community2
        name = "Bikes";
        icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\uniform_ca.paa";
        items[] =


I then under class CfgTraders I added:

class Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms2
        name = "Community2";
        showWeaponFilter = 0;
        categories[] =


In initPlayerLocal I added:

// Kamenka

call ExileClient_object_trader_create;


I'm sure its something entirely simple that I am just to drained to spot (had alot of server issues since 0.9.4)

Could someone point out my mistake pls?

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