Chernarus winter map inst. problems [SOLVED]

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Hey guys! 

Yesterday i've started to configure my new Arma3 exile server...i wanted to add a new map since altis is not that nice... I've had success with installing the normal chernarus, but my main goal is to get chernarus winter running...now my question: HOW CAN I INSTALL CHERNARUS WINTER? I have tried it the same way as chernarus normal, however i am missing some parts like the mission pbo...can someone tell me how to make them? Or even better, does someone have already pbos for this? Same is with the keys...i have found some on the internet, but i am not sure if they are correct...

I hope some could help me...:D 

Sry for this bad english ;) btw...the server is running on a dedecated server of g portal, if that is important.

EDIT: I've managed to sort everything out...if anyone has the same problem just write in this topic, i'll give my best to help

Thanks for incoming help, EXPAndMore

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