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hey guys im looking to put together a team to help set up a good modded exile server, i can already provide a teamspeak and website in which both are linked together and further more have purchased an arma 3 server with gaming deluxe, the problem is im not very experienced with arma mods or code. But i am willing to learn.

Would anyone like to play a huge part in this creation and help make a server for the public uk/eu based 

Whats the best route to my solution ?

I initially set this server up for my community Gentlemen's Gaming [] and wish to increase and build our server around the community input, so on request these guys feel some mods would be great for a server experience.

I myself am not very experienced in arma servers nor am i in the coding section and that is why i would kindly ask for some Help or guidance on getting my server up to standard.

You can contact me via this forum, our website above or simply drop in to teamspeak @

thank you for taking the time to read this.

Regards Mr KRONIC

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