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I was thinking about this earlier and wondered why I've never herd of anyone do this before and i figured it would be someway helpful for admins who need to do "admin stuff" in game. This really Isn't that much of a script more of a how to because it involves the editing of like one file. And thanks to papahyooie for helping me figure out why it wasn't working for me for like 20 mins (extra "}").

1. First open your server's mission file, go to your mission.sqm and add this


to your addOns and addOnsAuto, i put mine at the bottom like so i have a lot of stuff in mine your's will probably look different


version=12; class Mission {     addOns[]=     {         "exile_client",         "esseker",         "cabuildings_misc",         "aia_misc_e_config",         "A3_Armor_F_Panther",         "A3_Modules_F_Effects",         "A3_Structures_F_Wrecks",         "A3_Structures_F_Training",         "A3_Structures_F_EPA_Mil_Scrapyard",         "A3_Signs_F",         "A3_Structures_F_Mil_Fortification",         "A3_Structures_F_Items_Electronics",         "A3_Soft_F_HEMTT",         "aia_buildings_config",         "aia_misc_config",         "aia_misc3_config",         "sar_ru_architecture",         "a3_modules_f_curator_curator",         "mas_weapons",         "mas_hmmwv",         "mas_cars_lr",         "mas_cars",         "mas_cars_hilux",         "mas_weapons_ak",         "mas_weapons_m4",         "tryk_backpack",         "mas_weapons_nw",         "mas_uh1y",         "mas_mi8",         "mas_brdm",         "mas_weapons_pack",         "A3_Structures_F_Civ_InfoBoards",         "mas_uh60m",         "cst_communal",         "cst_w_tower",         "A3_Air_F_Beta_Heli_Transport_02",         "3DEN",         "a3_modules_f_curator_curator"     };     addOnsAuto[]=     {         "exile_client",         "A3_Modules_F_Effects",         "A3_Structures_F_Civ_InfoBoards",         "esseker",         "3DEN",         "a3_modules_f_curator_curator"     };

2. after you do that find Class Groups its the first class in my sqm but you could have rearranged it. Just below the line Class Groups you will see where it says 


Yours will not say 103 its just because I've added stuff. Increase the number by one because we are adding a sub class.

3. Now go to the bottom of the groups class section.

Add these lines below the last sub class


        class Item102         {             side="LOGIC";             class Vehicles             {                 items=1;                 class Item0                 {                     position[]={9762.9512,8.0364285,4894.1582};                     class args                     {                         items=4;                         class Item0                         {                             value="#adminLogged";                             parentCls="ModuleCurator_F";                             typeName="Owner";                         };                         class Item1                         {                             value="";                             parentCls="ModuleCurator_F";                             typeName="Name";                         };                         class Item2                         {                             value="3";                             parentCls="ModuleCurator_F";                             typeName="Addons";                         };                         class Item3                         {                             value="0";                             parentCls="ModuleCurator_F";                             typeName="Forced";                         };                     };                     id=0;                     side="LOGIC";                     vehicle="ModuleCurator_F";                     leader=1;                     lock="UNLOCKED";                     skill=0.60000002;                 };             };         };     };

 make sure you dont make it look like this below i'ts a stupid mistake but i made it lol so anyone can(im also running on 2 hrs of sleep and a 5hr energy)


        class Item102         {             side="LOGIC";             class Vehicles             {                 items=1;                 class Item0                 {                     position[]={9762.9512,8.0364285,4894.1582};                     class args                     {                         items=4;                         class Item0                         {                             value="#adminLogged";                             parentCls="ModuleCurator_F";                             typeName="Owner";                         };                         class Item1                         {                             value="";                             parentCls="ModuleCurator_F";                             typeName="Name";                         };                         class Item2                         {                             value="3";                             parentCls="ModuleCurator_F";                             typeName="Addons";                         };                         class Item3                         {                             value="0";                             parentCls="ModuleCurator_F";                             typeName="Forced";                         };                     };                     id=0;                     side="LOGIC";                     vehicle="ModuleCurator_F";                     leader=1;                     lock="UNLOCKED";                     skill=0.60000002;                 };             };         };     }; };

the mistake is an extra end bracket which broke the server and really irritated me.

-Edit= You can also change how you can be able to access the curator by going to where it says #adminLogged and changing it to either a uid or a specific unit say if you had a white-listed admin one-- You might be able to go to the editor and make your own settings for the zues for lower level admins(read this and as of now items already in the server(generated by vehicle spawn or traders aren't recognized by the curator but you might be able to change that too i still haven't fully tinkered with it yet i also don't know if the vehicles and objects spawned will save i would think not and i believe infistar does not  have a save to the DB command in his tool on arma 3 like in arm 2.

4. As an added precaution i added the curator to the launch parameters in my bat file not sure if it affects it but it doesn't give any errors and everything works so i have left it in. Make sure you have the curator folder in your server directory or your bat file wont be able to find it.


5. Profit


Thats it now I also don't know how this will affect battleye so if you get kicked for it use this it should be able to help you with the filter.

Good Luck!

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I tried doing this with the above, but the server would just infinitely loop "Mission Tanoa.Exile read from bank" with the item added to the groups class section.

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For anyone who wants to know I posted this yesterday, probably the easiest way to add Zeus to any server/mission/module etc.

The last comment has the goods.



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