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Evolved Survival Gaming


Who are we?

Evolved Survival Gaming is a newly formed Arma3 Exile community. We are made up of a mature adult admin staff. We currently host one server and are looking to expand, in time. Although we are small we are already starting to form a fun active community both on the server and online via our website. 

What are we looking for?

We are currently looking for more staff members and developers who we can rely on to help with the community. One of our main aims is to not only create a successful server but also to also create a thriving community. Therefore, we are looking for someone who would not only be an active administrator on the server but also an active moderator online on our website (We do this already however it is always nice having an extra pair of hands!). Alongside this we are also always looking for people who are happy to help with server development.

What do we expect of an ESG staff member?

As an ESG staff member there are a number of qualities which we expect from you. Firstly, always put the player before you, we pride ourselves on the positive player feedback we have been receiving and want to ensure that it continues. There is a zero tolerance to admin abuse. If you are found to be abusing your powers you will stripped of your admin rank. We require that you stay active on the forums and you have a working mic. We also require that while in-game you connect to our TeamSpeak server.

Its not all work (Work hard, play hard)

Although the expectations above may see rather demanding, they are not too challenging to follow. We do like to have fun and encourage staff members to play on the server alongside their administrative roles. We also run a number of admin events regularly and are more than welcome to accept suggestions for events. 


  • Looking for Admins / Community Staff
  • 18+
  • Must have a microphone
  • Must be active on TeamSpeak
  • Zero tolerance to admin abuse. 
  • Must be active on the forums

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If you would like to join the team PM me or reply to this post!

Evolved Survival Gaming


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