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0.9.4: Add LMGs back in

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After 0.9.4, I would like to add LMGs and ammo back into the game.  

I would like to:

  1. Add weapons/ammo into the Exile loot system - probably edits to config.cpp in the mission pbo
  2. Allow it server-side - probably edits to exile_server_config.pbo
  3. Add weapons/ammo back to vendors - probably edits to config.cpp in the mission pbo

Can someone explain this process?

Side note: Weapons/ammo is already a part of a 3rd party loot system and after server reboots the ammo disappears, but the weapon remains in the player's inventory... This example is why I think step #2 is necessary.

Thanks guys,

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Uncomment the lines in your mission config.cpp where the buy/sell prices are listed (this lets them be bought or sold generally), or add them there if they are missing, and make sure the classnames are added down below in the config.cpp to the armory trader (this puts them in the trader).

Sounds like they are already showing up in your loot spawns.

The ammo disappearing is likely caused by the ammo bug everyone, including me, is reporting.

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  MMG_01_hex_F Navid 9.3mm (Hex) Medium Machine Gun
Caliber: 9.3x64mm
  MMG_01_tan_F Navid 9.3mm (Tan) Medium Machine Gun
Caliber: 9.3x64mm
  MMG_02_camo_F SPMG .338 (MTP) Medium Machine Gun
Caliber: .338 Norma Magnum
  MMG_02_black_F SPMG .338 (Black) Medium Machine Gun
Caliber: .338 Norma Magnum
  MMG_02_sand_F SPMG .338 (Sand) Medium Machine Gun
Caliber: .338 Norma Magnum



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Not exactly sure. I've heard some wondering whether it was related to how heavy your inventory is when you log in (related to the Arma stamina updates), but I have no idea.

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arma has updated yesterday i think:


Arma 3 - Change Log

Arma 3 - 1.54.133741 (Released 2015-12-16)
- 0026729: [Multiplayer] BIS_fnc_setTask not working in MP (Adam) - resolved.
- 0017932: [Anims] FIXED: No healing animation plays if the player with pistol equipped gives first aid to another unit - resolved.
- 0026727: [Engine] Players still affected by fatigue/stamina even though its disabled (Adam) - resolved.
- 0026743: [Scripting] BIS_fnc_MP not firing when passed 'playableUnits + switchableUnits' as objects (Adam) - resolved.
- 0019487: [Movement] Glitching into everything because of the rotation point. (oukej) - resolved.
- 0021222: [AI Pathfinding / Motion] AI team mates fall behind in running because of raised weapons (oukej) - resolved.
- 0026691: [Error Message] My game crash everytime (Adam) - resolved.
- 0026630: [Game Crash] Game Crash Every Time I Spawn In (Referenced Memory) (Adam) - resolved.
- 0026590: [Game Crash] RC branch: Showcase supports cause ACCESS_VIOLATION crash (Adam) - resolved.
- 0025982: [Game Crash] STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION (Adam) - resolved.
- 0026568: [Dedicated Server] Clients crashing on Dedicated Server Dev Branch (Adam) - resolved.
- 0026520: [Game Crash] Game crash when I close the game (Adam) - resolved.
- 0025949: [Game Crash] ArmA 3 Crashes since 1.50 on Spawn with Modded Content (Adam) - resolved.
- 0026539: [Launcher] In arma3launcher v.1.52 and in v.1.54CR not the correct font. (BIS Wizard) - resolved.
- 0026422: [Launcher] Arma3launcher created by Game Updater mod management does not initialise (BIS Wizard) - resolved.
- 0024727: [Feature Request] Please Give the option fully to turn off hexagon frames, which have soldiers in the squad. (Adam) - resolved.
- 0021104: [Ingame UI] No way to turn off squad leader diamond in certain vehicles via difficulty settings (oukej) - resolved.
- 0026220: [Game Crash] Game crashes in the single or multiplayer senario sections of the development branch version. (Adam) - resolved.
- 0024584: [Sound] playMusic will repeat on TAB-Out (Adam) - resolved.
- 0026286: [Game Crash] Status_Access_Violation Error In Arma 3 Editor. (Adam) - resolved.
- 0025470: [Error Message] Game Crash STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION (Adam) - resolved.
- 0026128: [General] Game crash (Adam) - resolved.
- 0026159: [Launcher] Steam overlay and steam FPS meter runs over launcher (BIS Wizard) - resolved.
- 0023345: [AI Spotting / Detection] Turning your character alerts nearby enemies. (oukej) - resolved.
- 0023090: [AI Issues] AI Goes Into Combat Mode On Mission Start (oukej) - resolved.
- 0026077: [Launcher] [DEV:1.53] Launcher loses commandline after change of MOD directory (BIS Wizard) - resolved.
- 0025948: [Eden Editor] Error loading scenario, "Wrong color Format" (Adam) - resolved.
- 0019420: [Visual-GUI] scrollbar of tree control doesn't move when the control is moved (Adam) - closed.
- 0024220: [Game Physics] Rock formation without collision (Adam) - closed.
- 0013352: [Visual-Environment] Altis road glitches (Maxell) - closed.
- 0021854: [Visual-Environment] Invisible rock, Altis, [22387.3,14217.1,0.271047] + no collision with visible +... (Maxell) - closed.
- 0026238: [Game Crash] joinString with empty selector crashes the game (Adam) - closed.
- 0003200: [Visual-Environment] Invisible rock (Maxell) - closed.
- 0024341: [Visual-Structures] Stratis Base Training Area, misplaced ramp / movement glitch (Adam) - closed.
- 0025147: [Visual-Environment] Rock glitch (Adam) - closed.
- 0013020: [Visual-Environment] Bridges are still usable after they have been destroyed (can be driven, walked and landed on) (Maxell) - closed.
- 0010986: [Visual-Environment] Rock has disappear (Maxell) - closed.
- 0025748: [Visual-Environment] Tree Duplicate in Stratis (Maxell) - closed.
- 0017148: [Visual-Environment] Disappearing rock on Stratis (Maxell) - closed.
- 0006087: [Visual-Environment] Seabed floor not modeled/textured (Maxell) - closed.
- 0013662: [Visual-Environment] You can walk right through giant rock at 8596.71, 25377.3 (Maxell) - closed.
- 0018103: [Visual-Environment] Able to walk inside rocks/bad collision detection for rocks. (Maxell) - closed.
- 0013641: [Visual-Environment] [minor] Bomos rock vanishing (Maxell) - closed.
- 0019160: [Visual-Environment] No collision with rock on Stratis (Maxell) - closed.
- 0013763: [Visual-Environment] Stretched textures on Altis at 8967.77, 11041.4 (Maxell) - closed.
- 0018381: [Visual-Environment] Flying stones (again) (Maxell) - closed.
- 0018620: [Visual-Environment] Floating bush on Altis (Maxell) - closed.
- 0019074: [Visual-Environment] 216077 Building Clipping (Maxell) - closed.
- 0018675: [Visual-Environment] Cannot move on top of the rocks near the mine. (Maxell) - closed.
- 0022739: [Visual-Environment] Roof of adjacent building pierces wall in Syrta (Maxell) - closed.
- 0016504: [Visual-Structures] bridge disappears (Maxell) - closed.
- 0016845: [Visual-Environment] Multiple floating bushes and small trees west of Abdera (Altis) (Maxell) - closed.
- 0021762: [Visual-Environment] Floating trash heap at [6602.96,20067.5,0.00134277] (Iceman) - closed.
- 0020325: [Visual-Environment] BREAKING NEWS... Floating tree spotted on the island of Altis... (Iceman) - closed.
- 0020369: [Visual-Environment] Rock Without Collision on Altis (Iceman) - closed.

[55 issues]

Arma 3 - 1.56 (Not Yet Released) View Issues ]
- 0012839: [Game Settings] Difficulty option "HUD show group" does not work (oukej) - resolved.
- 0017046: [Ingame UI] Enemy and Friendly TAGs are shown when disabled (oukej) - resolved.
- 0026618: [Game Crash] RC 1.54.133479 - Graphics driver crash (Adam) - resolved.
- 0026543: [Eden Editor] After Preview all objects/units gone (Adam) - resolved.


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