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Updated 05/01/16

- Fixed issue if aircraft crashes in the water, the script will now not execute the rescue event. (Keep in mind it is fully intended that nothing should occur if the aircraft is shot down in water)

Updated 04/01/16

- Added code to stop AI fleeing

- Added code to make the rescue crew roam around the crash

- Possible fix for chopper crew not attacking players..maybe.

- Fixed some script errors.

Hi guys,

I'd like to share with you another script I made. This script uses similar formats and settings as my Roaming Trader script, so it might look similar and contain the same names and stuff like that.

Installation - create a file - "airpatrol.sqf" put it in your mission folder.

inside your init.sqf put [] execVM "airpatrol.sqf";      

If you have no init.sqf, create one.

I am a big fan of dynamic events that tell a bit of a story and are immersive, this script is a "mission" of sorts however it doesn't just spawn a marker and some AI.

Some screen shots can be seen at the bottom of the page here

**Disclaimer** as with any of my scripts, I am in a state of constant learning, so please take it easy on any bugs or issues you may find. I have tested it heavily and it seems to be tip top. 

Special thanks - Kellojo for his script some of his code helped me overcome some hurdles I could not figure out.

How it works

An A10 strike aircraft will spawn and patrol the island, it will not attack players or AI. It will do this for a period of time, and look cool as hell.

After a certain amount of time, the script rolls a dice to see if the mafia will despatch an Interceptor aircraft to take out the jet. If the dice roll is successful the interceptor will be given the same waypoints as the A10 and have 5 minutes to seek it out and destroy it. If the roll is unsuccessful, after 20 minutes of flying about the A10 will be destroyed.

Once the aircraft is destroyed

A rescue ghosthawk will be despatched to secure the crash site, it will fly in from a random point on the map and land at the crash site, unload its crew and defend the area. The ghost hawk will have loot items inside its inventory and be accessible to players should the defeat the AI and take it.

Once the A10 is destroyed, the Interceptor aircraft will fly off to the corner of the map and wait to be deleted.


The rewards for players are the Ghosthawk it self, the loot in contains and the weapons on the spawned AI (all able to be customized)


The Ghosthawk , AI and aircrash do not get deleted. This event is designed to be a one off, so I like to keep the objects in game.

Debug markers - These are suppose to be debug markers for testing, this script is not designed to have any markers at all, use them in game at your own risk...

Issues - There is a very rare circumstance where if the A10 is destroyed over water, the mission basically halts, the ghosthawk will spawn but not go to the crash site. I havent had the time to fix this yet, it is very rare for it to happen. 

The INTERCEPTOR aircraft, is by design set to combat mode red - This means it will attack other AI unfriendly to INDEPENDENT. I want it this way, it is not guaranteed to kill the A10, so it may attack DMS AI, A3XAI etc, this is about immersion more so then scripted behavior. The A10 will always be destroyed by the script after 20 minutes.

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Hi, Script not working 


15:47:01 Error in expression <

_debug = false; 

if (_useMarkerWaypoints) then
15:47:01   Error position: <_useMarkerWaypoints) then
15:47:01   Error Undefined variable in expression: _usemarkerwaypoints
15:47:01 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\custom\airpatrol.sqf, line 43


15:53:21   Error position: <_possiblePosStart, EAST, ["B_Plane_CAS_0>
15:53:21   Error Undefined variable in expression: _possibleposstart
15:53:21 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\custom\airpatrol.sqf, line 211




Edited by xface

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5 minutes ago, John said:

Dont use marker waypoints, I should disable that setting. chang line 34 _useMarkerWaypoints = false; 

This line is comment , i am not chage it


/** DEBUG MARKER ********************************************************************************/

_debug = false; // Will create a marker that will follow the Air craft

/** If using fixed locations or waypoints *******************************************************/
_fixedStart = false; //If true trader will spawn at fixed location
_fixedStartLoc = getMarkerPos "yourmarker"; //If _fixedStart is true, create a marker and put the marker name here

_useMarkerWaypoints = false; //If true, will use set markers instead of random positions - If true populate "yourmarker" with the marker names created

_markerWaypointOne = getMarkerPos "waypoint1"; //Create a marker and name it waypoint1
_markerWaypointTwo = getMarkerPos "waypoint2"; //Create a marker and name it waypoint2
_markerWaypointThree = getMarkerPos "waypoint3"; //Create a marker and name it waypoint3
_markerWayPointFour = getMarkerPos "waypoint4"; //Create a marker and name it waypoint4

if (_useMarkerWaypoints) then

but him do not comment?

Edited by xface

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Hi, thx for the script :)

already tested work without problem but there is just 2 thinks:

First:  there's no marker on A10 crash maybe if u can add one

Second :  the AI around ghost hawk didn't attack & one of them run away when u shoot


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I'm running this on my test server. The heli crashed in the ocean (and the interceptor kept flying around - didn't go away). I checked the log and some weird stuff happened after the crash. I'm not sure if this is just a product of the latest Arma 3 version or if it's directly related to the script, but here ya go:

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