Wha tdoes mean 15m when i buy flag, and how i could expand it?

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it's 15m radius with the flag as centerpoint. You can upgrade it with your respectpoints using the mousemenue on the flag once you ve set it. It has 10 level upto 150m radius. Each level consumes respectpoints you need to earn by selling stuff, killing player or killing Ai if missions are available.

You need to ask your server admin how long the protection period is set on your server. You need to pay a fee based on serversettings to renew this protection period. This can be 1 week or whatever your admin set this period to. This fee is only payable at the airfield office you already bought the first flag at. If you not pay in time your base and crates will disappear into nirvana.

Keep in mind that the radius is also limiting the hight of your base!



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