How to place AiA objects? (Missionfile)

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Hey :)

Is it possible to place AiA Objects on a Map like Chernarus?

I tried it, but I failed :/

I'm using X-cam to add Objects to a .sqf file. After placing the Object I write the Objects into the initServer.sqf. The Problem is: The Objects are named for example: xcam_Ind_Workshop01_02. So I replaced the xcam with an Land. -> Original Arma3 Objects are spawned correctly. But what about the AiA Objects? How is it possible to spawn them correctly?

Im sure this is a stupid question, but Im new to scripting in Arma. :)

(sry for my bad english ^^)

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I used m3editor as mentioned above and with "arma's nature" from armaholic I could add the arma3 trees. Needs to be server and client side though..


I guess someone would have to make a mod to get the AiA trees into usable classes before you can use in the editor. I do hope I am wrong and there is a much simpler way to do it now...

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