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23 years ol arma 2 dayz vet looking for a group

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Hi everyone 

I am looking for a experienced group of player ( max 6 people ).Which played arma 2 or playing arma 3 for a long time. 

I'm an experienced player  i played Arma 2 dayz mods before( like origin,epoch ...) . But i am new to Arma 3 . I learned the dynamics easily since i spent so much time on Arma 2 .But there might be few things i don't know about yet. 

I am playin on UK111 right now but i think i will drop it and start on somewhere else .Looking for a server now. If i can find a hardcore server like low loot /high fps , missions , overpriced weapons and vehicles . I will start there so feel free to tell me if you know a server like that. 


I am 23 years old , from Turkey.So if you can speak Turkish or English we can play.But i would like if everyone on the group could talk english.

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Hey there - hikosix! I would encourage you to check out the Legion Gaming Taviana server - balanced loot, much fps, x2 mission systems, reasonably priced vehicles, heli's, weapons and a great group of mature admins. TS is hopping and there are easy going people from around the world to group with. We have various "Tactical Serious" channels and private rooms for use too! I love playing on this server!! 


The server does REQUIRE some mods, but they enhance gameplay 10 fold. You can find the list and ALL THE LINKS YOU NEED right at the link below. We look forward to chatting and hope to see you soon!

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If you’re looking for a good mature group of players for Arma 3 (and pretty much any other game you can think of) you came to the right place. Ethix Gaming is a 18+ gaming community, proud of the no hacking/toxic behaviour (towards inside and outside gamers).


- 18+

- 50+ Nations

- 1900+ members (About 40 that activly play arma)

- Casual and Competitive

Arma 3 Gamemodes:

·         Wasteland

·         King of the Hill

·         Breaking Point

·         Exile

·         Epoch

·         Battle Royale

·         End Game (CTF)

·         Mil-sim (growing unit)

·         Arma 2: Epoch/Overpoch/DayZ

Other Main Games:

·         CoD

·         H1Z1

·         DayZ

·         LoL

·         Rocket League

·         Dirty Bomb

·         CS:GO

·         ARK: Survival Evolved


In case you want to hop in and meet us and game with us hop in our Teamspeak!

Any questions regarding anything including application and/or teamspeak guest passes PM me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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