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Exile DbI

Hey there. I´d like to get some feedback for a little project I recently started.

What is Exile DbI?

Its a Database Interface. It´s an easy way to view the data from your exile database.

The entire application is build with Laravel, a very nice php framework.


  • search and view accounts
  • view individual players including their inventory
  • display statistics for kills, deaths and many more
  • authentication (login) and restricted access to features

Future plans

  • ability to edit players and accounts
  • display player position on map
  • ability for EVERYONE to view their player (login with uid)
  • put players on a 'watch list' and add notes
  • api for statistic data


I hope to release a first beta this year.






I would like to know what you think, and which features you would like to see.

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update 0.2
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Update 0.2


  • Authentication added (users can now log in and register)
  • Separate database for storing registered users and settings
  • migration system for future changes
  • new statistics page

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I´m really trying to create a simple, clean and easy to use interface. That is one of the main goals.

But: this will not be a simple .php file that you just include on your website. It is a complete web application (because everything is an app today) based on php. It will require more performance that just a plain php file with a few commands.

On the other hand, this application will include a lot more features that just are not possible otherwise. 

The login and registration also requires a second database, giving me tons of possibilities to expand onto.

I´m currently refactoring the code and adding dependency injection to make the application more reliable and better to understand, as I will be releasing the source code to the public soon.

As of the release date, I am considering a 'beta' release for anyone to try and give feedback, as well as a 'live preview' on my server.

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Hey everyone,

I need some help from you guys. For testing my application I obviously require an existing exile database. I´ve just recently got myself a new ssd and lost my old database. 

If anyone would be so kind, as to share his exile database I´d greatly appreciate it!

The bigger the better. 

It be great if you could just upload a backup file.

Thanks in advance 

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