Ability to sell vehicle load at waste dump

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It would be nice to be able to sell the load from a vehicle, whether it be loot crate and it's contents or small vehicles that are loaded into larger vehicles. As of now, I can't find a quick and safe way to sell a loot crate and its contents at the waste dump. Maybe the waste trader even offers 3 options:

  • Sell vehicle contents
  • Sell vehicle load  (that way any items you want to keep can be in the regular vehicle inventory)
  • Sell entire vehicle, contents, and load

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55 minutes ago, Qzen - LOSSANTOSLIFE.COM said:

I think he is talking about the ability to sell a crate or vehicle loaded with "Igiload" for example.


I modified the vehicle shop to look for "attachedObjects" on my server. I might share the code here some day if I have time.

Ah, that's where the lines start blurring between what is core Exile and what is extra server add-ons that are not client-side downloads.

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