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Some things that I can't figure out...

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Rcon... I've used it on my 7d2d server before, but can't figure out how to use it on my exile server.

Its said if you have BE you got it.  N uses server port and ip.

Server logs....   I only seem to have the SC log folder and it only adds data to them after the server is shut down.

I keep hearing things like RPT logs but can't find anything on my server and can't find any info about enabling it.

MOTD not really sure if this is working at all...

Restart msg don't seem to be working.

Auto restart don't seem to be working.  I don't have a shutdown script or use the shutdown option, but it just don't seem to restart at all.

I'm on a linux server so...





AS: I've already looked google up and down for this stuff and have gotten nowhere.


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Kill log also don't work.  I seem to be getting a bunch of you cannot edit/play this mission because it relies on a mod that has been deleted and it pretty much says mas vehicles.  Can't really see that much since I have just about no logs.  I only know that R3F has stopped working.


Can anyone help me gettings these logs to work?

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