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For the last 5 days i was playing on a very high pop server and the people there have the nice attitude of mining the high loot and pvp areas right after server restart. I like that very much cause when you catch them while they are at it youll swim in mines.

The thing i noticed though is that as soon as the player that placed the mine is in his own territory he will still get a homie bonus for the 2400m kill. Ive been clearing the mines as a bambi to give them negative respect for their mining action to keep them from doing it (since this is the only punishment that can be given to them except for stealing the mines of them) but as soon as they are in their territory the malus turns into a homie bonus. Maybe the whole situation would be solved if the homie bonus gets a range limit of i.e. 300m.

I think this needs some work.

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