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[SOLVED] Problem - You are not allowed to download any files...

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I'm having a problem downloading infistar from the update site.

I sign in with my steam account, the only one I have. I put in my email address, the same one I used to purchase infistar through PayPal. I get the email with the Secret Key and I enter that in  to the site along with my email address again, then I just get the following error message at the bottom of the page.


You are not allowed to download any files here (used multiple steam accs?)!

No idea why I'm getting this. I successfully downloaded infiSTAR back on December 14 and didn't have an issue, that was the last time I attempted to download infiSTAR.

Any help would be appreciated.

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you should message me in private as probably no one but I can help you :)

You have ignored this:
Always use the same steam account with the same email address or you will be banned.
Updates and other services are not part of the purchase, if you break my TOS you will get banned and ignored.

and used different steam accounts (or shared your private key + email with somebody?!)

message me your steam64uid or steamaccount url & email address in private

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