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My startup line look good? @Exileserver not loaded?

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sudo ./arma3server -mod=@Exile\;@mas\;@NATO_Rus_Vehicle -servermod=@ExileServer -config=@ExileServer/config.cfg -port=2302 -profiles=SC -cfg=@ExileServer/basic.cfg -name=SC -autoinit

I notice when I select my server in the server list that @ExileServer don't show?  I also have issues with killfeed and restart warnings.  Is this why?

I can't really find anything about "-servermod="  but people seem to be using it instead of "-mod=" so... I went along with it.

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Because you have added the @ExileServer to the -servermod param, it hides it from players as it is only required by the server and not the client/players.

The -mod param tells the client/players that this/these mods are required to play.

Not sure why your Killfeed is not working, but it isnt because of the @ExileServer part.

Hope that helps


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