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More 3d Markers!

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With the advent of 3d markers for players in a group, I'd like to suggest an idea that should have been a part of the Arma series since OFP.


Currently, you can shift+click a waypoint via the map and use it to navigate to a specific location.


What you cannot do is set a series of waypoints ahead of time to navigate a specific flight path/vehicle path to a specific location.


Would it be possible to allow a group 3-5 3d markers that are placed via the map (and the map only) so that said group can utilize these markers to navigate. 


My idea for the system would be that the number of markers are limited for the entire group.


The markers are numbered in order of placement with a distance to each marker displayed as it would be if you were using a GPS or navigation computer.  


This would also help bypass Arma 3's inability to not allow map markers set in group to eventually become displayed to the whole map.  The markers could be used for navigation, marking exfil routes, VDO locations, or other useful data that the current map marker system is too risky to employ.

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The guys from ShackTac use markers on the map that show up on the screen. Like when a vehicle or player uses a lazer designator it shows up on the map or when they click a button on the map. It shows a marker dot of where that player is clicking and dragging.    


Something like that would be cool abd very useful

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