0.9.41 Emergency Fixes

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We have managed to slip two bugs through our testing. Sorry for that :(

Instead of pushing a complete update again, we would like to serve server owners with the fixes to be included in your mission file. This way, clients do not have to download ~400MB again.

We have found two problems so far, which are in the following functions:

  • ExileServer_object_tree_network_chopTreeRequest
  • ExileClient_object_item_craft

Please find the two function files attached to this post. Place them in your mission file PBO and add the following to your CfgExileCustomCode in the config.cpp of it.

class CfgExileCustomCode 
		You can overwrite every single file of our code without touching it.
		To do that, add the function name you want to overwrite plus the 
		path to your custom file here. If you wonder how this works, have a
		look at our bootstrap/fn_preInit.sqf function.

		Simply add the following scheme here:

		<Function Name of Exile> = "<New File Name>";


		ExileClient_util_fusRoDah = "myaddon\myfunction.sqf";

	// Emergency fixes for 0.9.41
	ExileClient_object_item_craft = "ExileClient_object_item_craft.sqf";
	ExileServer_object_tree_network_chopTreeRequest = "ExileServer_object_tree_network_chopTreeRequest.sqf";

Sorry again!

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