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Alpha Kevin

Locked car inventory bug


Hey, at the Moment i am playing on EOS Chernarus Winter Exile. It is an awesome Server but today i unforuantely experienced a Bug, where i put all my beautiful gear inside a locked vehicle and couldnt get it back. I killed someone as he drove by me and he had an Ural towing an Suv. I untowed the suv so I could put my stuff in it and pick up his gear. As I put my gear in and picked up his the suv was locked, there was no way for me to get back my stuff, the suv was just giving the options 'unlock' and 'inventory'. I am not sure whether these towing scripts are just on this server or if they are on other servers as well... 

Thanks and some beautiful Christmas day :)

If I don't forget it I will upload a video as soon as possible and post it over here ^^

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