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Respawn Time vs. Respawn Button

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Hello Exile Devs and Players, 

me and my friends love the mod so much, but there´s one thing we absolutely don´t like about it. If you are fighting against another player and the player gets killed, he can instantly press ESC - > Respawn. The thing is: if you are near a spawncity, you can easily parachute to the fighting location, loot a weapon and start the fight against your opponent again. 

I know that a lot of the players hate this! The fighting will never end, until one of the fighting parties disconnect or just run... I think thats a no go for a survival game / survival mod. 

Is there a opportunity to solve this? Is it possible to remove the ESC Respawn Button if you are dead (e.g. Altis Life Style) and you have to wait the time shown to respawn? It would be super cool if the server owners can adjust the time to their wishes. 

Another idea is to block the spawncities around your death location. That means, that you can instantly respawn but not around the area you died. But I think the costs to script this are too high. 

What do you guys think? Anyone else with the same opinion? 

But anyway, thanks for the good work, you guys rock! 

Best regards


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if a bambi can kill u at range with no scope then u earned it to die ...

thats it :D

u can avoid it if u set only random spawn  or maybe like a2 that u cant spawn on the same location again for a period of time/or like a limited amount on every location.

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i do not own a server anymore, i´m just a regular exile / arma player atm :)

but i like your a2 spawning idea. if you set a timelimit for a spawning location this would be great. 


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